Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Students of AUI are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for studying abroad. These experiences can transform the way students perceive the world, enlightening them to new possibilities for the future.

Academic Planning

It is never too early to start planning!

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree can expect to spend at least one semester and two summers abroad as well as applying for special programs. Before considering a semester program, the OIP recommends that you look at the course catalogs of the institutions you are interested in and confirm that they offer classes transferable to your degree at AUI. Students studying abroad typically enroll in one to two classes towards their major and one class pertaining to their minor or concentration. Elective courses at partner institutions provide students with the chance to study a topic of personal interest or to take a course not offered at AUI.

Students with more flexibility regarding the courses they can take when away from AUI will have greater ease in preparing for their study abroad period.

Students are encouraged to inform parents about their interest in studying abroad and begin to plan for the travel and study expenses.

Language Proficiency

Testing for language may be required.

Depending on where a student wants to go, some institutions may require that he/she take a language proficiency test or provide a recent score if the student has passed the test prior to applying.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Undergraduate Students

Most study abroad programs are designated for undergraduate students as an inherent feature of liberal arts education.

Graduate Students

Students in master’s programs have fewer opportunities to study abroad, primarily due to the constraining nature of their schedules. If you are a graduate student desiring a study abroad experience, check with the school coordinator regarding international opportunities. Additionally, you should meet with the study abroad advisor to determine if there are programs open to graduate students in your field of study.

Course Equivalency

Knowing Which Courses will be Accepted for Transfer

Once a student’s study abroad institution has been determined, he/she must complete the “Pre-Approval of Courses” process. It is mandatory that the student completes this well in advance of his/her departure from AUI.  The Outbound Advisor manages this process and the sequence of authorized faculty signatures required in order to gain approval for credit transfer. If the form is not completed prior to departure, the transfer of credit to the student’s official transcript may be delayed.

If a student takes a class at a study abroad institution that has not been pre-approved, the student will need to do the “Post-Approval” process which is the same as the pre-approval except that, in the case that the course is not approved by faculty, the student will not be able to transfer the course’s credit. 

Thus, it is preferable in all circumstances to approve a course for transfer before enrolling in it. 

The OIP maintains a database of all courses that were approved in the past. Students are welcome to come to consult the database to expedite their selection of courses while on study abroad.