Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Programs & Opportunities

International Incoming students

International students wishing to study at Al Akhawayn University (AUI) have three primary options, listed below.  Overall, we in the Office of International Programs (OIP) are eager to welcome all students to advance their educations here.  Please note that these options pertain to credit-bearing programs only and that AUI often has non-credit-bearing programs that may be of additional interest.

1. Degree-Seeking:  Obtain a bachelor’s or master's degree from AUI.

Al Akhawayn is an attractive institution for global scholars to attend.  It has Moroccan and American institutional accreditations as well as relevant program accreditations.  To apply and enroll in a full-time study program at Al Akhawayn University for the completion of either a bachelor’s degree or master degree, use this link 

AUI does regularly have sponsored scholarship programs for certain international groups.  These are announced in various ways depending on the nature of the scholarship.

2. Non-Degree Seeking:  Study abroad programs (including exchange)

Students already enrolled in degree programs but wishing to study at AUI for one or two semesters only should see whether their home institution has an existing exchange or study abroad arrangement with AUI, then contact their study abroad advisor/coordinator to find out how to apply and whether a place is available for the upcoming semester.  AUI has both bilateral and multilateral exchange options with many institutions throughout the world. 

3. Non-Degree Seeking:  Independent visiting students

Students from institutions that have no exchange or study abroad arrangement with AUI but wish to study at AUI for a semester or summer should go to their International Office and check with the Study Abroad Coordinator/Advisor to check if there is an agreement or an approved study abroad provider for AUI.

If there is no formal arrangement or connection between AUI and your institution then a conversation between the international offices regarding your study plan followed by a letter of nomination by your international officer is, in most cases, sufficient to proceed.

Once you have been officially nominated by your university/college, you and/or your institution’s study abroad office will inform us of your intention to study at AUI for one or more semesters.  We will then begin the procedures to welcome you as an incoming visiting student.  Once you have proven to meet all set requirements, the OIP will send you an acceptance email.

Once admitted to AUI, the OIP will serve as your primary contact regarding your upcoming studies at the university. The OIP will inform you of the required procedures pertaining to your arrival, housing, and course registration at AUI.