Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Visiting Researchers

Visiting Researchers

Al Akhawayn University recognizes the value of visiting researchers and the various contributions they bring to the academic environment. With this in mind, simple administrative procedures have been developed to support those who seek a period of affiliation with AUI, even if they’ve had little to no previous contact with the University.

Initial Contact

Before pursuing a position as a visiting researcher, the individual will need to make contact with a counterpart or sponsor at AUI. The sponsor is then charged with the responsibility of informing the Office of International Programs of the visiting researcher’s request. If the individual wishing to become a visiting researcher at AUI does not have a sponsor, the OIP may serve as the first point of contact and will direct approval requests to the appropriate school. All visiting researchers must have a designated sponsor.  It is expected that the researcher spend at least part of their time based at the university.

Visiting Researcher Application Form for Affiliation

OIP will send the visiting researcher an application form by email to complete and return. The form outlines the expected benefits that the visiting researcher will provide this institution, such as providing a lecture series/workshop, or collaborating with faculty to produce joint publications. Additionally, the applicant will need to detail faculties required so that the OIP can form a basis for invoicing the costs of the research. This application form will largely dictate whether or not the applying individual is accepted or rejected at AUI.

Processing the Visiting Researcher Application Form

After an applicant has submitted the form to OIP, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean, who will assign a chosen faculty member as the applicant’s sponsor and mentor. At this point, the form is returned to the OIP, where a budget is devised according to the visiting researcher’s length of stay and an invoice can be generated.The resulting invoice may be paid to the Business Office.

The researcher will be invoiced for the following services on a pro-rata basis:

  • ID card (needed for a period of one week or more)
  • Insurance (unless adequate coverage can be demonstrated)
  • Health services
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Office space
  • Information and Communications Technology (wifi, printing, faxing, email)
  • Library Services
  • Recreational facilities

The OIP will provide an orientation for the visiting researcher in conjunction with the respective AUI sponsor.  The OIP will continue to be a point of contact throughout the visiting researcher’s stay on campus.

Important note about establishing an official residency in Morocco: Residency status can only be established and processed by AUI for international full time teaching faculty under contract or international students enrolled in classes.  If the funding or sponsoring agency is in Morocco, this agency is considered responsible for providing appropriate residency status according to all applicable Moroccan laws.

Permission to conduct research on campus among students through surveys and/or interviews requires permission.  Conducting research in Morocco through surveys and/or interviews requires permission from the Moroccan government.