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Faculty-Led & Custom Programs

The most common type of program supported by AUI consists simply of a group of undergraduate or graduate students led by at least one faculty member. This program exists as part of a course or academic program approved and supported by the leading faculty member’s home institution.

How is this program created?

The faculty member interested in leading an abroad program collaborates with their International Office before contacting Al Akhawayn’s Office of International Programs or a faculty member already known at AUI. The Office of International Programs has primary responsibility is helping with the logistics for programs as well as constructing the budget.

Does the home institution have to be a partner of AUI?

No, AUI is happy to work with reputable academic institutions from around the world.  AUI does have preferable rates for its established institutional partners.

Who designs the program?

The faculty member designs the program. However, AUI administration and faculty can provide useful information and advice if the faculty member requests it.

Who develops the budget?

The budget is created by the Office of International Programs, often in collaboration with the International/Study Abroad Office of the faculty member’s home institution. OIP is well equipped to provide logistical support for the program, after having supported many such programs in the past. Costs for each program will vary based on the amount of support necessary for the program’s success. OIP will provide a final figure indicating the approximate cost per student so that the home institution can establish a complete budget for the program.

What time of year is preferable for a program in Morocco and at AUI?

For the most part, Morocco is pleasant year-round. However, the faculty member designing a program should note that the desert is quite hot in the summer and it does snow in the mountains during the winter. Travel is possible but precautions must be taken in either case for the safety and well-being of the group. When scheduling dates to come to AUI, the faculty member should keep in mind the University’s Academic Calendar. Faculty are typically unavailable during AUI holidays and breaks. This is certainly true the end of December to mid-January and the first three weeks of August. Therefore, the faculty member should consult collaborating AUI professors when considering program dates.

Are local faculty members available for specialized lectures?

The availability of local faculty members will vary largely based on their own class schedules and how far in advance their presence is requested. The earlier a faculty member receives a request for a specialized lecture, the more likely the individual will be available. In accordance with Moroccan Law, AUI faculty honorariums must be included in the final budget and will be incorporated in the local taxing of the program. Specific rates for each type of academic lecture have been set.

Can local faculty help in a field trip?

This is possible, but again, the faculty member should be contacted several months in advance.

What kinds of facilities are available at AUI?

AUI is a residential campus, with more than 95 percent of the undergraduate student population living in University Housing. A resident assistant program exists in all student residence halls. Al Akhawayn University provides many of the amenities one would expect of an American-style Liberal Arts campus, including recreational facilities, complimentary universal wifi, cafeterias, and library resources. Housing accommodations for small student groups are usually available during AUI’s regular semesters, and larger student groups can easily be housed during the summer. Faculty members are housed in either apartment and single rooms, depending on availability at the time of the program. Classrooms or small lecture halls can be reserved in advance and equipped with computers, data projectors, and, in some cases, smartboards. Orientation to school policies and services is required of all programs at AUI.

For more information contact:

Dr. Brian Seilstad

Director of Internationalization and Partnerships

Office of International Programs

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI)

Avenue Hassan II, PO Box 104

Ifrane, 53000        Morocco

Direct line: +212 535 862 905  Fax: +212 535 862 148

email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Customized Programs

If you are interested in any other type of custom program to be hosted by AUI, please contact the Office of International Programs to discuss feasibility. For planning conferences hosted by Al Akhawayn University, please contact the Office of Development and Communications at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .