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Al Akhawayn Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty members have a number of opportunities to interact with their colleagues around the globe and/or to enhance the global dimension of learning in the classroom.  Most resources and initiatives are developed by the schools for their faculty.  This information will be more developed and appear on this page in time.  For more information about opportunities, please contact your dean and consult the faculty handbook. Also, watch for announcements from the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Staff Resources

Staff desiring to pursue opportunities abroad have various options. The primary opportunity for international work exists in the form of a shadow program. This consists of the individual shadowing a colleague at an affiliated institution of higher education in another country for a one-to-two-week period. These programs are arranged between international offices of the home and host institutions in cooperation with the head of the administrative unit. Shadow programs must be planned several months in advance and be included in the annual budget, due to the high costs associated with airfares.  In order to learn more about training programs and opportunities, interested staff members should talk to Human Resources and their department head.

Tuition Exchange Programs for full-time employees of AUI, their spouses or children

AUI participates in two tuition exchange programs, The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) and The Tuition Exchange (TE). These programs are available as an educational benefit for all full-time employees of AUI, their spouses, and their children in addition to AUI’s own employee tuition waiver programs. 

This document summarizes these benefits. Contact the OIP for more details.