Office of International Programs Mission

The Office of International Programs (OIP) advocates, supports, and advances the university's goals for international education and engagement. It works closely with faculty, staff, and especially students in implementing internationalization initiatives that enrich global understanding. It is responsible for the coordination and administration of international education programs as well as for the cultivation and maintenance of the university’s global affiliations, linkages, and strategic partnerships with institutions of higher education.

To that end, the Office of International Programs:

 Advises AUI undergraduates and graduate students interested in studying abroad and administers programs collaborating with over 400 institutions in more than 50 countries;

 Develops the University’s educational agreements with selected academic institutions around the world in accordance with Academic Affairs and the President;

 Coordinates services for international degree-seeking and visitinginternational students as well as for visiting scholars and researchers at AUI;

• Works with the University’s Schools and Centers to develop and expand programs and relationships with new or established academic partner institutions abroad;

• Administers specialscholarships and endorses opportunities that promote the pursuit of international academic experience.

Among the multiple study abroad programs available to students, the student exchange program has proven the most popular. This program arose from several agreements AUI formed with partner institutions, allowing AUI students the opportunity to trade places with students abroad and study at their universities. The exchange program is designed primarily for undergraduate students with a typical duration of one semester. For all study abroad programs, including planned educational leave, the credits obtained by the student at his or her host university can be transferred to credits at AUI, provided the student acquires preemptive approval from AUI before enrolling in courses abroad.