Institute of Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies

About us



The Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) was created in 2002 under a World Bank grant involving Al Akhawayn University and the Moroccan Government. Early research plans included local development and economics of knowledge.

Since 2005, other research topics have been added and further involvement in development economics has been observed with focus on Arab Countries and their relation to the European Union. Research partners of the IEAPS include members from; AUI schools, faculty from Moroccan Universities besides researchers from the European Union and Arab countries.

The IEAPS is a founding and active member within the Foundation of Economic Research Institutes (FEMISE) with 70-80 other institutions in North and South of the Mediterranean area (Europe and South of Europe).


The Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) resulted from a partnership between Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), the Moroccan Government and the World Bank.

The IEAPS contributes to the production and diffusion of knowledge for economic development through innovative research projects in the area of applied economics.  Besides publications of research papers, diffusion is also ensured through courses, special workshops and reports.

The research dimensions currently pursued at the IEAPS cover:

  • Economics of Risks and Uncertainty with applications to Fragile Groups and Economies,
  • Human Development, Poverty Alleviation and Inter-relations of Health, Education and Traditional Economic Variables,
  • Economics of Knowledge and Innovation with Emphasis on Intellectual Property Rights with Applications,
  • New Economics of Skilled Labor Migration and Impacts of Shortages of Medical Doctors, Engineers, School Professors and Other Specialists
  • Sound theoretical models are often used to tackle the empirical parts of each research. Important databases have been accumulated and updated to feed the empirical analyzes.
  • The focus is placed on Morocco, the MENA region, Eastern Europe and the European Union. But, data on other countries and regions are also mobilized for benchmarking and comparisons.

Mission statement

The mission of the IEAPS is to conduct mainly research and consulting in the area of economic development. The related activities are developed most of the time with external partners. The external research is most of the time requested internationally following submitted and accepted research proposals. It can be also based on an agreement with national or international organizations.

Board Members

  • Driss OUAOUICHA, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Morocco
  • Ahmed DRIOUCHI, Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Ifrane - Morocco
  • Mohammed ABDELLAOUI, Groupement de Recherche et d'Etudes en Gestion de HEC Paris (GREGHEC CNRS), Paris - France,
  • Abdelkader DJEFLAT, University of Lille, Lille - France
  • Ahmed SOUISSI, EMI, Mohammed V University, Rabat - Morocco
  • Ahmed LEGROURI, Al Akhawayn University School of Science and Engineering, Ifrane - Morocco
  • Ahmed BAIJOU, Al Akhawayn University School of Business Administration, Ifrane - Morocco
  • Eric ROSS, Al Akhawayn University School of Humanities and Social Ifrane – Morocco
  • Hamza EL HAJOUI, Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG), Rabat - Morocco
  • Ikbal SAYEH, Observatoire National du Développement Humain (ONDH), Rabat - Morocco
  • Karim EL AYNAOUI, Office Chérifien des Phosphates Policy Center (OCP Policy Center), Rabat - Morocco
  • Mohamed CHAFIKI, Direction des Etudes et des Prévisions Financières (DEPF), Rabat - Morocco
  • Tawfik MOULINE, Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques (IRES), Rabat - Morocco
  • Jawad KERDOUDI, Institut Marocain des Relations Internationales (IMRI), Casablanca - Morocco


The projects taken by the IEAPS are conducted in collaboration with different partners:

  • Aarhus University, Institut for Folkesundhed, Denmark,
  • FEMISE, with more than 75 institutes of economic sciences located around the Mediterranean region,
  • Go-Euromed, Free University, Berlin
  • GREG-, HEC Paris, France
  • Haut Comissariat au Plan, Morocco,
  • National Observatory for Human Development (ONDH), Morocco,
  • Hassan II Academy for Sciences & Technology, Rabat,
  • Schools at AUI (SBA, SHSS and SSE), Morocco
  • Schools and Centers, Morocco (such as University Mohammed V and IMRI),
  • University of Economics, Bucharest, Romania,
  • University of Orleans, LEO, CNRS, France,
  • University of Lecce, ISUFI, Lecce, Italy,
  • University of Turin, Italy,
  • Warsaw School of Economics, Poland,
  • CeSPI, Rome, Italy,
  • World Bank Institute
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)