Human Engagement and Growth Office

Training and Development

Al Akhawayn University offers its employees several opportunities for training to improve their existing skills, acquire new competences, improve performance and deliver better results.  

Ways to enhance training opportunities

For the employee

  • Discuss with your manager the objectives expected from the training before you go to training
  • Training is not made in a vacuum. Training respond to specific needs related both to your performance and to institutional needs
  • Training aims to develop skills and competence that are transferred to the workplace. Employee has to maintain the new skills or competence learned once training is completed. Skills and competence that are not used will easily atrophy
  • Create opportunities to discuss your training needs with your supervisor, seek learning opportunities, and propose plans

For the manager

  • Make sure the employee understands the link between the training and his job
  • Make the link between the training program and the strategic goals of the University
  • A training must show a return on investment in the short or long term
  • Knowledge and skills acquired during the training are useful both to the institution and add to the employee’s current or future work effectiveness
  • Other types of training include learning by doing where staff are given assignments that help them develop
  • Assist the employee in transferring knowledge and skills back to the job 
  • Ensure employee’s availability to attend the training.