Application and Fees


Each semester, continuing students are notified via email of important dates regarding room reservations for the following term. All reservations are made online during an open session which is communicated to all students.

Studio and Single Occupancies

  • Due to the limited number of studios and single rooms, Housing and Residential Life Office cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled. However, requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Those that could not be fulfilled are added to the appropriate waiting list.
  • To enhance openness and promote transparency, waiting lists for single rooms, large rooms, and studio requests can be viewed online by all students. They are published in the students’ accounts in the portal to keep everyone updated about their requests. Residents are requested to check the waiting lists online before they contact Housing and Residential Life Office. 
    The lists are updated as necessary by Housing and Residential Life managers.


Housing Fees

*Room rates are per resident and per semester. The University reserves the right to change these rates without prior notice. 

FALL 2018 Campus Housing Rates
*Room rates are per Resident, per Semester. These rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Single Room: 12,200.00 MAD
  • Double Room: 5,600.00 MAD
  • Triple Room: 3,400.00 MAD
  • Studio/Single (when available): 18,800.00 MAD
  • Studio/Double (when available): 10,000.00 MAD
  • Studio/Triple (when available): 7,200.00 MAD

Apartment Room Rates

  • A 4: 4,850.00 MAD
  • A 6: 4,850.00 MAD
  • L 4: 5,250.00 MAD
  • L 6: 5,000.00 MAD

The Annex

  • Double room 3,400 MAD


*Please note that:

  • A4/A6 and L4/L6 refer to two small & large rooms within one apartment
  • A4 and L4 refer to two small & large rooms within one apartment that sleeps four people.
  • A4 is the small room and L4 is the larger one within the apartment.
  • Similarly, A6 and L6 refer to three rooms within one apartment that sleeps 6 people.
  • A6 is the small room and L6 is the larger one in the apartment.