On Campus Housing - Rules and Regulations


Conditions of Occupancy


  • The premises should be used for residential purposes and occupied by the resident (s) and family members only. In case of co-residents, permission must be obtained in advance. 
  • The resident is responsible for the overall condition of the premises. The use of the premises for any other purpose which may be against university policies, rules and regulations is the sole responsibility of the tenant (s).
  • The Resident should not behave, or allow family members or guests to behave in a way that interferes with the comfort, safety, health, and welfare of other residents.
  • The resident (s) is responsible for any damage caused to the apartment, common areas or community grounds.
  • The resident (s) is responsible for disposing of waste properly and for maintaining a clean environment,
  • The resident should not modify the basic layout of the premises or perform maintenance work.


Housing type


For new faculty members, in case the apartment specified in their contract is not available; a larger apartment may be assigned on a temporary basis. Residents are requested to sign a commitment form to vacate the temporary apartment once the appropriate one is made available to them.




Rental fees are sent to the payroll department on a monthly basis. The Department of Housing and Residential Life is responsible for apartment assignments, apartment changes, and the related adjustment to rental fees.
For newly-hired faculty and staff an apartment, if available, is assigned for the dates specified in the contract.


All residents will be issued keys on move-in day. In case of loss of the keys, the resident should immediately inform the housing and Residential Life officer in building 39 for a key/lock replacement. (Residents will be charged for the cost of lock and key replacement). Residents do not have the right to change the lock or duplicate the key.




At check-in period, tenants must sign a check-in form where they note any damage not mentioned in the form. Once a resident gets his/her apartment keys, he/she is requested to check the assigned apartment and list any missing or damaged items. The list must be submitted to the Housing and Residential Life Coordinator within 48 hours in order to act accordingly.  It is very important for future residents to check the status of the apartment before signing the form. Signing the form means acceptance of the apartment in its current condition.




Upon termination the contract, residents are requested to contact Housing and Residential Life Office to schedule a check-out time to do a walk through the apartment to inspect for damages and/or any discrepancies between the apartment’s condition at check-out and check-in time.


  • The apartment will not be officially vacated until all belongings are removed, premises are inspected, and keys are returned to Housing Services.
  • Upon termination of the contract, the resident should leave the premises in as a good of a condition as the day of check in.
  • The University will deduct the cost of any replacement, repaired work, or cleaning from the monthly salary of the resident before the clearance is issued.




Smoking is not allowed in all residences.




Guest Policy:


On-Campus Housing and Residential Life Rules and Regulations


Campus residents are allowed to host guests, however, for overnight guests, approval must be obtained from the Vice President of Student Affairs. Also, AUI regulations do not allow faculty and staff to receive AUI students in their apartments or visit them in their rooms. 


Alcohol and Drug policy 


There is a zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol. Possession, consumption, and distribution of alcoholic beverages or drugs are prohibited. 




For health reasons, pets are not allowed in all residences except for pet fish in aquariums.




University regulations prohibit the residents from possessing or storing any kind of weapon.


The University is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of the residents’ or their guests’ personal property, unless it can be established that the damage is caused by an authorized university personnel. Residents are encouraged to take out insurance on their personal property.




In case of emergency (illness, injury, etc.) during the day, contact the University Health Center, located in building 26, extension 2057;


After 8.00 PM or during weekends, call one of the following emergency numbers: 555 or 3333. A Housing officer on duty will be able to help you.


Contract Termination 


The University has the right to immediately terminate the contract of anyone who, in the judgment of the University, represents an imminent threat to the health or safety of University employees or other University constituents.




If the resident abandons the premises, any personal property left behind shall be transferred to the University. The University shall have the right to dispose of them in any way it sees fit.

N.B.  The University reserves the right to make further rules and regulations, as, in its judgment may be necessary for the safety, care and the preservation of safety and security. The residents should abide by such additional rules and regulations which are adopted.