On Campus Housing - Faculty and Staff Apartments


Faculty and Staff Residences are located in the following buildings: 28, 29 and 31.  Each Building has 16 apartments. These apartments consist of one or two bedrooms with adequate furniture and are equipped with a phone set, TV, and Internet connections.


Apartments Furniture:

1  eight-drawer chest

1 dining table

1 end table

1 Love seat

2 twin beds

1 phone set

2 bedside tables

5 chairs

1  coffee table

1 desk

2 mattresses & box springs

2 pillows + 2 pillow cases

2  blankets

1 set of bed sheets

1 TV table

1 electric stove 

1 small refrigerator



Two-bedroom apartments have the following extra items:

2 twin beds
2 pillows + 2 pillow cases
2 sheets

2 blankets

1 four-drawer chest


Kitchen Utensils:

Dinner Plates

Small Plates

Soup Bowls

Large Salad bowl

Water Glasses

Kitchen knives

Coffee Maker

Frying Pan

Sauce pans


Tea Glasses

Soup Spoons

Cups & Saucers

Set of Ladles


Bread Knives


Coffee Spoons


Rental Fees (Subject to change)

One-bedroom monthly rent          3200 MAD

Two-bedroom monthly rent          4000 MAD




Cleaning service is provided free of charge on a biweekly basis. However, this service is by no means a full maid service; it is merely aimed at maintaining university property clean. The cleaning schedule is posted on the bulletin board located at the entrance of buildings. If the assigned time is not convenient for you, Housing Services will make every effort to set a convenient time for you but will not guarantee it.

*Common areas (stairs and hallways are cleaned daily).


General Maintenance (GM) is responsible for the maintenance of plumbing, electricity, carpentry, masonry, and painting of all residences. In addition, GM is responsible for the following:

  • Pest treatment and control. This action is taken at least twice a year. 
  • Maintenance projects including renovations are done when it is judged necessary.

Please note that requests for maintenance work are made online through www.aui.ma/service-desk/  or by dialing ext. 700/4000 after 5:30 pm or during weekends and holidays. In the absence of the resident, a housing officer along with a maintenance agent may gain access to the apartment to perform maintenance work. When that happens, an entry form is left in the apartment notifying the resident of the work performed.