Off Campus Housing - Downtown Residence

Located in the center of Ifrane, Al Akhawayn University Downtown Residence (DT) is about a 2 minutes’ walk from the shopping area in the center of Ifrane, 15 minutes to Al Akhawayn University, and 15 minutes to the Market (L’ Marche). DT staff is committed to provide residents with a comfortable residential life.

A regular shuttle van is provided by the University for DT residents to commute between the university and DT every half an hour. All rooms at the Residence (singles and doubles) are heated, well furnished, have a kitchenette, phone and TV sets, and access to the Internet.

There are also four 2-bedroom apartments (one large and three small) reserved for faculty members. All apartments are fully furnished and utilities are included in the rent.

 Apartment Size


      2 bedroom large       

      4000 MAD      

      2 bedroom small       

3700 MAD

The Residence also offers other facilities to make the residents feel comfortable. These are: A laundry room, a study room, and a fitness room.