Annex Residence Apartments

Al Akhawayn Annex apartments consist of six buildings with various size apartments (one, two, or three bedrooms) and are located about 6 km from the university. A shuttle van is provided by the university to guarantee regular and reliable commuting for residents between the university and the residence.

All apartments have central heating. Furnished apartments include a telephone, TV hook up and Internet connections. Residents usually bring their own TV sets and satellite receiver.

The Annex residence offers both furnished and unfurnished apartments depending on availability and applicant’s preferences. Residents at the Annex who wish to switch from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished apartment may do so only if an unfurnished apartment is available.

Residents may request furniture removal only after they spend two years in the apartment. Once the request is granted, the resident is charged a moving fee of1000 MAD.


Apartment Type



1 BR

2900 MAD

2400 MAD

2 BR small

3700 MAD

3200 MAD

2 BR large

4300 MAD

3800 MAD

3 BR

4900 MAD

4400 MAD



A 1BR apartment comes with the following:

1 queen size  bed

2  bedside table

1 chest of drawers

2 blankets  

2 sets of sheets  

1 dining table & 4 chairs  

2 pillows & pillow cases  

1 desk and chair  

1 TV stand 

Couch & chair  

Coffee table



Kitchen Appliances Utensils

1 fridge

1 electric stove with 3 gas burners

1 gas cylinder

1 small oven

1 coffee maker

5 saucepans

1 frying pan

6 spoons

6 forks

6 coffee cups & saucers

3 knives

1 set of ladles

1 soup bowl

8 plates

  1 tea pot

6 glasses




Two bedroom apartments have the items listed above, plus the following:

- 2 twin beds
- 2 bedside tables 
- 2 extra blankets & sheets - 2 pillows + pillow cases
- 1 chest of drawers


Three bedroom apartments have the items listed above, plus the following:

- 2 twin beds
- 2 bedside tables
- 2 extra blankets & 2 sets of sheets 

- 1 extra pillows & pillow cases
- 1 chest of drawer
- 6 seat sofa instead of 4


Laundry room

There is a self-service laundry room located in the basement of the Graduate Students Residence (L’internat). It has token-operated washers and dryers. 2 tokens are needed (10 Dirham each) to wash and dry a 6-kilo load of clothes.

Tokens are available in the Campus Store. The laundry room is open 7 days of week/24 hours a day.


Conditions of occupancy


TENANT shall not sublet the apartment or any part thereof.  A TENANT who sublets her/his apartment is in breach of the Lease Agreement and is subject to eviction.  Lease may be terminated and a sum equal to double the daily rent may be assessed as liquidated damages for the breach of the Lease Agreement.