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Message from the Director

Living in university housing is a unique experience in one’s life. It is usually considered with an eye of admiration and joy, as it represents a period of future-making accompanied with mixed intense human feelings of challenge, fear of failure, success, perseverance, etc.

Here at Al Akhawayn University, Housing and Residential Life Office provides university students with all practical facilities and services and, at the same time, links them to the policies and regulations needed to support students’ academic success as well as social and interpersonal development.

Housing and Residential Life Office is founded on a basis of collective and active learning through the development of the community members within the residences. With its different units and staff, Housing and Residential Life Office strives to make the stay of every resident as productive and as enjoyable as possible. Housing and Residential Life Office especially works to make the Al Akhawayn campus a favored environment of learning, interaction, and most significantly, of tolerance between all religious and ideological diversities. Situated on the main campus, the residential complex provides easy access to various university facilities such as the restaurant, the health center, the gymnasium, the activities center, as well as the academic and administrative services. It is equally important to remember that Housing and Residential Life Office’ main purpose is to offer support and assistance to all students.

We look forward to a mutual inspiration that will strengthen and enhance our relationship and will guarantee the welfare of all residents.
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Housing and Residential Life Office
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a quality residential experience that supports their academic goals and personal development. Housing and Residential Life Office seeks to creatively stimulate students’ growth outside the classroom, in the areas of civility, responsibility, and independence.

The greatest advantage of living on-campus is convenience. On the premises, a student can have easy access to the classrooms, faculty offices, campus recreational facilities, and more. Worries about escalating costs of heating and hot water, phone connections, or transportation fees are eliminated. Not as obvious, but equally meaningful, is the sense of connection established by becoming part of a community that shares the same goals and ambitions.


Residence Halls

On-campus Housing is comprised of 22 buildings, three of which are faculty residences and 19 are used to house students. 

Faculty residences: Made up of one and two bedroom apartments.
Student residence halls: Students live in different halls that offer a variety of living options.