Hand in Hand


Our achievements


Education in rural communities

  • The construction of a communal multidisciplinary school at a cost of MAD 2.000.000  in Ain Khil, 25  km away from Ifrane.  The school contains 3 classrooms, living accommodation for two teachers, a multimedia room, a convenience store and a canteen.

 Ain El khil Communal School



  • The renovation of different schools including the construction of different facilities (solar energy, access to water..)

Water windmill, pump and reservoir, Ait Lahcen School 

  • The installation and the setting of central heating in a girls boarding school in in the neighboring village of Dayet Aoua.


  • The purchasing of five large school buses (in partnership with the INDH) for the benefit of different schools in order to help the children living in rural areas to access schools. In addition to the buses, Hand in Hand purchased a mini-bus for children with mobility problems.  




  • The setting of libraries and the equipment of different multimedia rooms in different schools. 


 Library project, Ait Lahcen School


  • The initiation of a mobile library for the benefits of rural schools.  Hand in Hand received a donation of a vehicle for this purpose and makes regular visits thanks to the involvement of the students.


Community development

  • The Setting up of a women’s cooperative for pastry and bread making  in an underprivileged district of Ifrane. Hand in Hand provided equipment and training to women with the cooperation of the Local Council and the National Initiative for Human Development.