Hand in Hand


Article I.  Organization Name

The name of this organization shall be “Hand In Hand association” at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. The organization may also refer to itself as “Hand In Hand.”


Article II.  Purpose

The mission of Hand in hand is to contribute to the educational and social development of the region through the promotion of  the importance of literacy and health in the surrounding needy community. The Hand in Hand activities range from tutoring classes in local schools and youth centers, improving access to books and reading through the AUI Mobile Library, assisting as translators and facilitators on medical  campaigns, coordinating a clothes and shoes bank and delivering to communities in need

All activities and functions of “Hand In Hand” shall be legal under University rules and procedures.


Article III. Rules and regulations

The organization will respect all regulations and rules as stated in the operating guide of student organizations including memberships,  job descriptions of the officers, elections and general procedures for all operations.


Article IV. Finances


Section 1: Organization funds

The Treasurer shall keep records of all income and expenses and all members of the Executive Board are accountable for the organization’s funds. The SAO reserves the right to block grades, registration or graduation processes until financial issues have been settled. The SAO may also refer the case to the disciplinary committee. In case of criminal cases, the University reserves the right to refer them to the local authorities.


Section 2: Officer Transition

The transition between the old board and the new board should be carried out in order to assure the continuity of the activities. It is necessary to guarantee a good management of records (activity related data and archives).


Section 3: Dissolution of Organization

 In the event that the organization ceases to exist, any funds remaining in the organization’s account shall be transferred to other student organizations.


Article V.  Publications


Section 1: Compliance

All advertisements of the organization must comply with the University Posting Policy.


Section 2: Approval

The President and the General Secretary must approve all publications material   prior to duplication and distribution.


Article XI—Amendments

Amendments to the constitution must be proposed in writing to the President. The amendment must then be presented to the organization during a scheduled meeting and should include a full explanation and/or rationale for the amendment. The amendment must be voted on at the next scheduled meeting. The amendment shall not take effect until approved by a 2/3 majority vote of eligible members of the organization.