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Dr. Katja Žvan Elliott

Associate Professor in North African and Middle East Studies

DPhil. in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

Phone: (212) 535 86 2476

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Building 7, Office 111

Research Areas and Expertise: Moroccan Politics, Gender Issues in the Middle East and North Africa, Masculinities, Human Development, Women's Rights, Human Rights, Gender-Based Violence, and Authoritarianism. 

Authored Books
  • 2015 Žvan Elliott, Katja. Modernizing Patriarchy: The Politics of Women’s Rights in Morocco. Austin: University of Texas Press. (Reviewed by the International Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Islamic Law and Society, and Mediterranean Politics)
Journal Articles 
  • 2019 (Under review) Žvan Elliott, Katja. ““It’s too much”: Victims of Gender-Based Violence Encounter the Moroccan State.” International Journal of Middle East Studies. 
  • 2015 Žvan Elliott, Katja. “(Dis)Empowering Education: The Case of Morocco.” Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development 44:1-2, pp. 1-42.
  • 2014 Zvan Elliott, Katja. “Morocco and Its Women’s Rights Struggle: A Failure to Live Up to Its Progressive Image.” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 10:2, pp. 1-30.
  • 2009 Zvan Elliott, Katja. "Reforming the Moroccan Personal Status Code: A Revolution for Whom?" Mediterranean Politics 14:2, pp. 213-27.
Chapters in Edited Volumes
  • 2018 Žvan Elliott, Katja. “Women’s Political Rights in Morocco.” In Global Handbook on Women’s Political Rights. Netina Tan, Mona Lena Krook, and Susan Francheschet (eds.). Palgrave MacMillan UK.
  • 2012 Zvan Elliott, Katja. “The Moudawana and Rural Marital Relationships: Reformed or Resolute?” In Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies. Chitra Raghavan and James Levine (eds). Waltham, Mass: Brandeis University Press.

Dr. Driss Maghraoui: Associate Professor, History and International Relations

PhD in History, University of California, Santa Cruz

Phone:  (+212)-535-862-460

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Building 4, Office 9

Research Areas and Expertise: North African immigration in Europe, modern imperialism and its culture, history of the Arab world, and history and memory in twentieth-century Europe.  

Books and edited Volumes:

  • (Ed.) Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco. (Routledge, 2014).
  • The Strengths and Limits of Religious Reforms in Morocco. (Special edition of Mediterranean Politics, 2009).

Recent Articles in Refereed Journals and Book Chapters:

  • "Searching for Political Normalization: The Party of Justice and Development in Morocco" Strategies and Behavior of Islamist Political Parties. Julie Chernov and Mecham Quinn Mecham (Eds). University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014.  
  • “The Moroccan 'Effort de Guerre' in the Second World War." Africa and The Second World War. Judie Byfield (Ed.) Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming. 
  • “Constitutional Reforms in Morocco: Between Consensus and Subaltern Politics." The Journal of North African Studies. George Joffé and John P. Entelis (eds), 2011.


Dr. Smita Kumar, Assistant Professor Human Resource Development and Mindfulness
Ed.D. in Human and Organizational Learning, The George Washington University
Phone: +212 535 86 2436 

Research Interest: Work-family spillover, identity work in women, gender-based violence, mindfulness in higher education and researcher self-care. Dr. Kumar is passionate about multidisciplinary research at the intersection of work, family and social issues such as the role of work in empowering middle-class women who experience intimate partner violence and sexual harassment in workplace and work identity in women. 

Articles in referred journals:

• Kumar, S. & Casey, A. (2017). Work and intimate partner violence: powerful role of work in the empowerment process for middle-class women in abusive relationships, Community, Work & Family, DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2017.1365693
• Kumar, S. (2017). My Dissertation Healed Me: A Retrospective Analysis Through Heuristic Inquiry. The Qualitative Report, 22(11), 3025-3038. Retrieved from https://nsuworks.nova.edu/tqr/vol22/iss11/14 
• Kumar, S. & Cavallaro, L. (2017). Researcher Self-Care in Emotionally Demanding Research: A Proposed Conceptual Framework. Qualitative Health Research. 28(4), 648 - 658. https://doi.org/10.1177/1049732317746377

Affiliated Members

Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi: Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

PhD in Political and Social Sciences, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Phone: (212) 535 86 3393

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Building 8, Office 102

Research Area and Expertise: Political Economy of North Africa and the Middle East, international political economy, globalization, and development politics. Her main research interests are politics of dignity and the human rights discourse, the postcolonial state and society, and political development.


  • “La Négociation Interculturelle’ (intercultural negotiation).” In the textbook Le Management Interculturel: Concepts, approches, problématiques et pratiques. Edited by Abderrahman Hassi, Mohammed Amine Balambo, and Khalid Limamy. Imprimerie Dar El Maarif El Jadida: Rabat, 2016. (ISBN: 978-9954-36-868-8)
  • “The postcolonial politics of dignity: From the 1956 Suez nationalization to the 2011 Revolution in Egypt.” International Sociology. Published on July 23, 2014, Sage.
  • “North African Textiles Shifting to Vietnam?.” Asia Pacific Affairs Council Journal. Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University (Winter 2011).