AUI events - Conference: Using Artificial Intelligence to Advance Morocco's New Development Model and the Related SDGS

Conference: Using Artificial Intelligence to Advance Morocco's New Development Model and the Related SDGS

Hosted by: Al Akhawayn University and Engage-AI
The event will start on: 15 Sep 22 09:00
And will end on: 16 Sep 22 18:00
Location : Ifrane

Al Akhawayn University and Engage-AI will host an immersive conference to enable the Moroccan public and private sectors, academia, and civil society, at national and international levels, to engage and debate some of the key

questions related to the relevance, purpose, and appropriateness of AI for Development. In Morocco’s case, the focus will be on its national NDM, and the diverse SDGs involved in this model.

The conference will provide the broad context of how AI is transforming daily life and how it is shaping our concept of what knowledge is, how it is acquired, and how it is used to address society’s most pressing global challenges. The conference will also focus on how to underscore local development priorities in health, education, public sectors, and employment in Morocco. Moreover, we will discuss the potential benefits of AI to achieve SDGs 3, 4, 8, and 16 and address the mitigation of potential risks and negative impacts.


  • AI definition, current state, evolution, and cost

  • How AI is changing the means of economic production; the way societies are organized and governed; and how

  • information and knowledge are created, transmitted, and preserved

  • AI for Development (AI4D): conceptualization, purpose, and deployment framework

  • AI4D in the MENA experience and context

  • Within Morocco’s New Development Plan, how can Moroccan institutions transform this knowledge into powerful

  • forces for efficient and effective sustainable development?

  • How can AI be used in the case of SDGs 3, 4, 8, and 16 in Morocco?

  • What digital foundation is Morocco preparing for? Concrete examples and case studies

  • How and where should Morocco be engaged in further research and development on AI in the context of Morocco’s development?


The conference will culminate in critical strategic policies and practical interventions that can encourage national and local authorities to commit to action, help AI gain momentum across a diverse stakeholder community, and drive better public awareness. The anticipated outcomes are:

  1. Conference deliverables such as proceedings, recommendations, videos, communication, media, etc.

  2. MENA AI4D website including regional AI4D tools and apps, training opportunities, case studies, showcases, etc.

  3. Collaboration with relevant international development agencies on research related to AI4D in the MENA region.

  4. MENA AI4D Network and a related database to connect interested parties and to encourage collaboration and research.