AUI events - 5th Edition of ICT Days Conference: "Digital Competencies and Pedagogical Innovations"

5th Edition of ICT Days Conference: "Digital Competencies and Pedagogical Innovations"

The event will start on: 11 May 18 14:00
And will end on: 13 May 18 14:00
Location : Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Al Akhawayn University, in partnership with Mohammed Premier University in Oujda, CITI Association, and the Moroccan Education and Resource Network (MEARN), organizes:

The 5th edition of the conference "ICT Days":

"Digital Competencies and Pedagogical Innovations"  

11 to 13 May 2018 - Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

 Short Description:

In the last UNESCO report of 2017, it has been decided to measure the "proportion of young people and adults with computer and communication skills by type of competencies" and to use it as an indicator of progress in achieving the fourth goal of sustainable development. To achieve this target, it is imperative to delineate the relevant digital competencies in local and global contexts, then integrate them into the curriculum as well as assessing them in a coherent way through formal and informal training and capacity-building initiatives. In this context, this year's 5th edition of the conference "ICT Days", the ICT-in-education community is invited to debate these issues and come up with a preliminary proposal for a national referential framework for digital competencies in Morocco. The event is resolutely multi-disciplinary, interactive, exploratory and open to all those interested. 

The event targets researchers, teachers, students and anyone interested in pedagogical innovation and digital competencies. This meeting will also be an opportunity to discover innovative educational possibilities using ICTs in order to improve teaching and to develop learner's autonomy, collaboration and peer exchange. 


The main subjects to be debated in this year's conference are:

  • Regional and national initiatives seeking to define and integrate digital competencies;

  • Development of digital competencies that can lead to innovative pedagogical practices;

  • Approaches to developing digital competencies in education and training systems;

  • Referential frameworks for digital competencies in education and training;

  • Pedagogical innovation, a lever for developing digital competencies;

  • Digital competencies, lever of innovative pedagogical practices;

  • Framework for pedagogical innovation in the digital age;

  • Innovative approaches and good practices to support digital competencies development;

  • Digital competencies and e-learning (MOOC, flipped classroom, ...);

  • Digital competencies and assessment practices.