Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Employment


Q: Any recommendations on reliable shipping agencies from here to Morocco?
A: You will have to enquire in your home country. I know agencies which operate out of Morocco, but have no idea about the other way.

Q: Is duty charged on certain items such as computers and other electronics? If so, how much?
A: Low on computers; my sources say 2.5 %.

Q: How many months in advance do I need to ship things?
A: Generally plan on 2 months for shipping (via an agent) by sea. The postal service is good for smaller packages. Check with your local post office.

Q: What is the procedure at Moroccan customs for shipped goods?
A: You will be notified that your belongings have arrived several days after they have arrived, so that you will be paying storage dues on every day in storage; clarify this amount with your shipping agent. Then, expect to spend at least 2 days in the port of entry, i.e., wherever your goods arrive, going through the paperwork to clear customs.

Q: Is there an address where I can start shipping household goods to AUI in advance of our arrival?
A: Send them to the Dean or Director of your school or center at AUI.


Q: What do faculty do for insurance when traveling abroad during holidays?
A: Take medical forms with you and we hope that you do not have to use them. You will need to submit original supporting documents to get reimbursed.


Q: How are the houses heated?
A: University Housing is heated with central heating. The cost depends on the size of the apartment and it is free for faculty with housing agreements:

Apartment Size

Fuel Charge

1 Bedroom

400 DH

Small 2 Bedroom

500 DH

Large 2 Bedroom

600 DH

3 Bedroom

700 DH


Q: What is the basic monthly living cost that most expats face in Ifrane i.e. groceries, travel, health, TV, Internet, electricity, etc.
A: Groceries depend on how luxurious your tastes are. An average grocery bill for Ifrane based shopping can be 1400 - 1800 Dhs/month; if you go to larger stores (in Fes or Meknes) with imported goods, you can spend the same amount in one trip; Health costs are 353 Dhs/month on the insurance plan for up to 80% of medical expenses reimbursed. Travel by public transport is cheap, but gas costs 7.30 Dhs/litre. The Internet service in university housing is free, but your phone (land line) can be very expensive for international calls. Electricity costs a minimum of 500 Dhs/month, and can go to over 1000 Dhs/month, depending on consumption.

Typical costs in dirhams of some foods are as follows:







French bread

1.20 – 1.50

Milk (1 litre)


Eggs (1)


Coffee (1 kg)

60.00 – 80.00

Butter (1 kg)

50.00 -60.00

Oranges (1kg)



16.00 per kg

Beef filet (1kg)


Tomatoes (1kg)


Daily life

Q: Are there any web pages (or documents) on local hiking trails and other outdoors activities?
A: See the "Settling In" document for Leisure Activities. You may find things on the web, by searching AZROU, Ifrane, Moyen Atlas, Jebel Ayachi, Michliffen. German and French sites may have more info than English ones.

Q: Is there a faculty member--preferably someone with younger children--to whom I can address questions for daily living in Ifrane?
A: Two faculty spouses with a lot of child-based info are:

Karen Smith ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and Julie Reimer ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )