Executive Education Center

Executive Education Center

Final Project Options

Option 1: Case Analysis

This option involves detailed analysis of a current business issue and may include applied research, business problem-solving or new business creation. Students are expected to select a problem, analyze the problem, and provide potential feasible solutions to the problem. It is highly advisable that students work with a professor in developing the case analysis. Students are evaluated on their ability to analyze the problem and propose solutions or the need for further analysis. 


Option 2: Business Project

This option requires an in-depth research project, conducted under the super vision of an SBA faculty member. 

At a minimum, the Business Project should address the following:

• Identification of a topic for a Business Project

• Statement of the objectives of the study

• Determination of the method(s)

• Collection of data and information

• Analysis and discussion of results

• Conclusions and perspectives

• References and sources.