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Concentration in Management

Concentration in Management

An MBA concentration in Management is designed for those students who wish to be involved in management of organizations. Emphasis is placed on organizations and their people, environment, and resources. This concentration offers courses in all aspects of management and human resources, strategy, operations, etc., and provides a framework for understanding the organization of the firm. 

Choose three courses from the following:


Course Code


Course Name

GBU 5305

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

GBU 5307

Entrepreneurial Management

MGT 5304

Quality Management

MGT 5307

Human Resource Management

MGT 5309

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MGT 5310

Risk and Crisis Management

MGT 5311

Diversification and Merger Strategies

MGT 5312

Power, Politics and Leadership for Global Managers

MGT 5313

Management of Change

MGT 5314

International Business Strategy

MGT 5315

Project Management

MGT 5321

e-Business Management and the Net Economy

MGT 5399

Special Topics in Management

MKT 5315

Product Management and Marketing