Executive Education Center

Executive Education Center

Program Content

The MBA program consists of 36 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) excluding language and foundation courses: core courses, concentration courses and the MBA final project.  

English Lanaguage Program: To prepare candidates to join the Part Time MBA program, a language program of 10 blocks of 15 hours each is offered.  To strengthen the language proficiency of students, a business communication course is offered in parallel to MBA courses. 

I. Foundation Courses : up to 7 courses (10 SCH)

II. Core Courses : 8 courses (24 SCH)

III. Concentration Courses in one of the following areas: 3 courses (9 SCH)




Logistics and Supply Chain Management

General Business

IV. Final Project

Part Time MBA students are required to complete a Final Project (GBU 5320) during their final semester of studies.  To account for the diversity of students in the program, students are offered two options.