Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goals and Objectives

Ethical: Make decisions ethically

Analyze ethical situations

Make good judgments (evaluate) in business situations from an ethical perspective   

Display ethical behavior  


Successful: Display skills and competencies of successful business decision-makers

Comprehend and apply general BA concepts, methods & techniques

Use modern IT tools effectively

Communicate effectively orally and in writing

Work effectively within a team

Design and conduct applied research with the purpose of to make sound managerial recommendations


Manager: Demonstrate managerial qualities

Discern relevant data for managerial decision-making

Apply motivational theories to manage people


Leader: Understand and demonstrate leadership qualities

Understand own leadership competencies and style

Apply the most appropriate style of leadership to different business situations


Local: Understand the Moroccan business environment

Understand the local business environment and its challenges

Assess current business strategies of Moroccan companies

Create a strategic plan for a company in the Moroccan environment


Global: Comprehend the global business environment

Understand the global business environment and challenges

analyze global case studies

Design business strategies within a global context