Executive Education Center

Executive Education Center

MSIT Course Descriptions

ECO 2201 Principles of Economics                                                                 2 SCH

  • Key economic concepts
  • Supply and demand
  • Market structures
  • Macroeconomic indicators (GDP, CPI, Unemployment…)
  • Monetary System
  • International trade – from macro point of view
  • International Finance – from macro point of view


ACC 2201 Principles of Accounting                                                                       2 SCH

  • Corporate financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Trade tax accounting


MKT 3101 Principles of Marketing and Sales                                                       1 SCH

  • Functions of Marketing
  • Effect of Marketing
  • Application: Present condition of Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing channels
  • Wholesale markets of raw materials
  • Sales system of trade companies


FIN 3101 Business and Corporate Finance                                                            1 SCH

  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Time value of Money
  • Bonds and stocks valuation
  • Project analysis
  • Introduction to Forwards and options


GBU 3201 Management Statistics                                                                           2 SCH

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Statistical inferences
  • Regression analysis


Part II: Core Courses 

ECO 5306 International Trade I                                                                             3 SCH

  • Flow of import and export (procedures and standards)
  • Standard trade terms (Incoterms, HS code, UCP,…)
  • Obligations of the parties in key trade terms
  • Simulation of the entire import/export process 


GBU 5301 Business Law                                                                                          3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade I

  • Arbitration and contract formation in international trade
  • Ability to read and write international trade contract
  • General laws of international trade agreement
  • Law of standardization of trade terms
  • Trade law on the resolution of trade claims
  • Domestic law related to e-trade
  • Foreign trade law


MKT 5306 International Marketing                                                                           3 SCH

  • International product development and adaptation
  • Sales force management
  • Ways to survey foreign markets
  • Ways to find foreign buyers
  • International market access strategies
  • Calculation of export price


ECO 5307 International Trade II                                                                            3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade I

  • Trade payment methods (L/C, T/T, COD…)
  • Payment collection methods (Factoring, insurance payment in case of default…)
  • Methods of credit check


FIN 5306 International Finance                                                                              3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade II

  • Definition and structure of foreign exchange market
  • Parity conditions and foreign exchange market
  • Foreign currency forwards and options
  • International capital asset pricing
  • Management of foreign exchange risk
  • Forecasting exchange rate fluctuations
  • Pricing of foreign currency bonds


MGT 5322 Event Management (Project Management)                                        3 SCH

  • Exhibition facilitators and agencies
  • Exhibition participation strategy
  • Planning of exhibition
  • Participation preparation
  • Booth operation
  • Management after exhibition ending
  • Distinguish corporate and government event strategies


MGT 5323 International Logistics                                                                        3 SCH

  • Main trends of global logistics
  • Transport documents
  • Logistics firms and costs
  • Third-party logistics and value added logistics
  • Management of international logistics
  • Cargo insurance: road, air, and marine transportation


GBU 5302  Customs and Tax Laws                                                                       3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade II and Business Law

  • Trade customs procedures
  • Tariffs and barriers
  • Customs system
  • Customs fees
  • Customs refund: Temporary admission regime
  • Customs control of international goods
  • Rebates on tariffs
  • Export and import clearance and issuance
  • Taxation procedures
  • Exemption law of customs law
  • Currency issues
  • How, when and where to file
  • Moroccan law and international business transaction 


 GBU 5303 Effective Business Negotiation                                                         3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade I and International Marketing

  • General framework that emphasizes a rational and ethical approach to negotiation
  • Strategies to improve influence in two-party or multi-party negotiations
  • Price negotiation strategies
  • Advanced negotiation and dispute resolution strategies and skills
  • Simulation/Role play of negotiation
  • International business manners


ECO 5308 International Trade III                                                                          3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade II

  • Establishment of trade agreements
  • Characteristics and processes of Moroccan trade agreements
  • Implementation of trade agreements
  • Certificate of origin and its importance in FTA
  • Models to evaluate the impact of free trade agreements
  • Corporate strategies of international trade


MGT 5324 Electronic Commerce                                                                            3 SCH

Pre-requisite: International Trade II

  • The concept of EDI and automated trade
  • Structure of PortNet and other trade electronic-infrastructure
  • E-trade agreement and digitalization of trade
  • Logistics of e-trade and process of customs clearance
  • Concepts of electronic authentication and e-trade law
  • Milestones, organization and economic impact of e-trade