Executive Education Center

Executive Education Center

Delivery, Faculty and Network

Course Planning and Delivery Approach

The Master of Science in Human Resource Development will be delivered during weekends at the University site in the Technopark of Casablanca according to the following schedule: 4 hours Friday afternoon, 7 hours Saturday, 4 hours Sunday morning). The training modules are administered over two or three non-consecutive weekends, based on the number of credit hours per module.

The program is based on innovative teaching and learning approaches and methods including real-life cases and testimonials, entrepreneurial learning processes, learner-centered approaches, project-driven training, problem- and competence-based learning, and use of information technology.

Courses will be planned and offered each semester and participants can register in the courses corresponding to their learning levels, degree completion requirements, and availability. This provides a major flexibility to meet the expectations of HR practitioners and help them balance between their learning duties and work responsibilities.

The program is taught in English except the Lab on Moroccan Labor Law (1 SCH) which will be delivered in French. This Lab is part of the Human Capital Management course (HRD6303).


Faculty Mentoring and Study Trip Aboard

Faculty and Testimonials

Courses will be taught by HRD faculty from Al Akhawayn University and international academic partners (e.g. George Washington University, Indiana State University, Academy of Human Resource Development, Association of Talent Development), and by HR professionals and experts from Morocco and abroad.

Faculty in charge of various courses and modules are world-respected leaders in their chosen subject matter, actively engaged in business relevant research and they are closely in touch with the needs of business and government. They are committed to practicality, which means they are consistently current and topical in their teaching, with a particular emphasis on applications.


Mentoring and Study Trip Abroad

During the entire length of their study, participants also benefit from the supervision by our Executive in Residence. The Executive in Residence is a top Moroccan HR Executive who has agreed to mentor trainees during the program on different HRD-related issues.

The Master of Science in Human Resource Development includes a study trip abroad at George Washington University after the completion of all core courses. This trip is a program requirement. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance after the trip. The study abroad program is a non-credit course.


 International Partnerships and Memberships 

International Partners

-       George Washington University – Human and Organizational Learning Department

-       Indiana State University – Department of HRD and Performance Technologies



-       Academy of Human Resource Development

-       Association of Talent Development