Rules & Regulations

Restaurant utensils and furniture are not to be removed from the restaurant building.

This is a violation of University policies and such an act is subject to disciplinary measures.

Students who have finished eating are asked to remove their tray and place it in the proper place for cleaning.

Students are expected to form lines and wait patiently until the line moves. It is discourteous to attempt to join a line in the middle and improper to ask someone to hold a place in the line for him/herself or for another student.

Students are expected to respect the opening times of the restaurant.

Please keep all doors closed during periods of cold weather. Open dors create an uncomfortable environment for those Inside and increase heating bills and hence the cost of providing food services.

Gratuities/tipping of food service personnel is not allowed.

Make sure you have your cash wallet with you and you have enough credit on it.

Do not consume any food or drinks before paying for it.

Accept mutilated cards that don’t show the holder’s photograph.
Accept wallets belonging to someone than the client.
Accept signatures except when the system is down.