Spanish (SPN)

SPN 1201 Beginning Spanish I 2 (1-2)

A course targeted to those students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish Language. Basic grammar, reading and listening, oral and written exercises, role-plays, etc. are covered in the class. Special emphasis on communication and basic expressions for everyday situations.

SPN 1202 Beginning Spanish II 2 (1-2)
Prerequisite: SPN 1201 or instructor’s consent

Beginning Spanish II is meant for students with some previous knowledge of Spanish Language. Grammar, oral and written exercises, role-plays, etc. This course is designed to enable students to express ideas, wishes, instructions, etc. using present, pas and future tenses. Special attention is paid to accent, intonation and pronunciation. Reading for adapted books.

SPN 2203 Intermediate Spanish 2 (1-2)
Prerequisite: SPN 1202 or instructor’s consent

The course starts with a quick review of previous grammar and communicative skills, beginning with the «subjuntivo». This course will provide the student with communicative structures, linguistic nuances and expanded vocabulary to enable him/her to communicate in any field of everyday situations. Differences between Castellan Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Reading Spanish and Latin American Literature. Oral and written compositions at an intermediate level.

SPN 2210 Advanced Spanish 2 (1-2)
Registration by placement test only

An integrated course, at an advanced level, SPN 2210 will cover, among other things: grammar, linguistic and literary commentaries, reading of complete works of Spanish and Latin American authors, newspaper reviews, TV programs and debates, slang, jargon, discussion of current affairs, colloquial and idiomatic expressions.