Sociology (SOC)

SOC 1301 Principles of Sociology 3(3-0)

It focuses on the study of socialization and group interaction in diverse cultural/societal systems. The course examines the concept of society and social organization, including family, groups of reference, peers, minority groups, political systems, and the functioning of society. It also addresses the institutional supports of socialization, such as education, religion and social norms and values, as well as social dysfunction.

This is a University Core Curriculum Course for the BBA, BAIS, BACS, BSHRD, BSGE, BSCSC, BSEMS

SOC 2301 Demography and Socio-Cultural Ecology 3(3-0)
Pre-requisites: GEO 1301 and SOC 1301, or SSC 1310

Focuses on the initiation of students to the basic concepts in demography and an overview of data sources; an analysis of population in the light of demographic indicators (national, regional and local comparisons of birth rates, health, mortality, educational level and gender ratios); migration and urban spatial patterns and the demographic characteristics of populations and their impact on the physical environment.

This is an optional course in the International Cooperation and Development Concentration for the BAIS