Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - PHY


Physics (PHY)

PHY 1400 Conceptual Physics 4(3-2)

It deals with basic concepts and principles of classical and modern physics for non-science majors which lead to a better understanding of the physical universe and the manner in which physics has influenced civilization.

This is a University Core Curriculum Course for the BBA, BAIS, BACS, BSHRD

PHY 1401 Physics I 4(3-2)
Pre-requisite: MTH 1303

It provides engineering students with the necessary background in mechanics and vibrations required for the follow-up course in statics and dynamics, and in the thermodynamics needed for follow-up courses in engineering thermodynamics. The theoretical and experimental concepts covered are: physical quantities, linear motion, rotational motion, Newton's law of motion, work, energy, impulse, momentum, systems in equilibrium, periodic motion, elasticity, fluid mechanics, temperature and expansion, quality of heat, mechanisms of heat transfer, and thermal properties of matter.

This is a University Core Curriculum Course for the BSGE, BSCSC, BSEMS

PHY 1402 Physics II 4(3-2)
Pre-requisite: PHY 1401

It provides students with fundamental knowledge of: electricity and magnetism required in follow up-courses in electric circuits, electromagnetism, communications and sensor systems; sound waves required in conversion to electrical signals; and optics required in follow-up courses in electromagnetism, communications and sensor systems. Theoretical and experimental topics include electric fields and forces, electromagnetic induction, AC circuits, wave productions and propagation, wave effects, sound, light, optical systems, interference, and diffraction.

This is a General Engineering Core Course for the BSGE
This is a School Core Course for the BSCSC, BSEMS