List of Clubs and Organizations


Where mathematics addicts create wild activities to make students fall in love with maths!


It is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization. Now, AUI also has its AIESEC club whose members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.


To promote astronomical knowledge among AUI students and the local community through star gazing nights and links to global astronomy sightings and events, and excursions to centers such as the Rabat Observatory which houses the largest telescope in Morocco. Previous students have collaborated with NASA on a meteorological study.

AUI Writers’ Circle

The Circle’s main objective is to bring together students and writers to share their writing experience in different genres (academic, creative, etc.) in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Writers’ Circle organizes a variety of activities throughout the year, such as workshops, thematic days and writing contests.


It tries to promote amazigh culture on campus through organizing activities like special days, debates, conferences, music nights, classes and trips…)

Brain Boosters

This club aims at boosting people mental skills in all domains. So, they would be more efficient and productive


Created to attract fellow movie addicts! It invites Moroccan film directors to come and introduce their latest releases and organizes screenings and critiques. The club offers workshops given by experts in the field of script writing, video production and visual arts. In 2010, members of the club attended The ‘Short Film Festival’ in Tetouan and ‘The Marrakech Film Festival’; an opportunity to gawp at the stars walking the red carpet!

Computer Science for Innovation (replacing Student Engineering Network)

The organization's mission is to help students, belonging to the school of engineering or other schools to change their boring vision on science and engineering with more fun, creative and active way.

Courant d' Arts

An opportunity to expand AUI students’ artistic skills & knowledge! The club offers regular lessons in piano, drumming, fine art painting and cooking by fellow club members. It also curates on campus exhibitions of established artists from within Morocco, stages an annual Caftan Show with the latest collections from prominent Moroccan stylists.

Design for Change

It is designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. It aims at inspiring children, their teachers and parents, to celebrate the fact change is possible and that they can lead that change


This is a musical club. It is main activities are mixing music and guarantee DJ music entertainment in different event at AUI.


From theatre plays, skits and theatrical improvisations, this club offers one and all the chance to discover and celebrate their creative personalities through theatre; and entertain the AUI community!


Its aim is to raise the students’ awareness on environmental issues and promote ecological understanding.


Is that plant edible? How do I collect water? What do I need to build a shelter? Essential bush craft techniques for the adventurous spirit and all the camping and hiking know how to get you up into the hills and enjoy the outdoors. Trip around the country are organized all through the year to offer a diverse set of conditions to the hiker and increase students’ skills.


The purpose of the Fashion Club is to provide a professional organization for AUI students to enhance and promote fashion knowledge and awareness in fashion related fields.


In dealing with women issues, Feminist Club joins women and men together to work on promoting equality between genders by developing women’s condition, to finally achieve progress within our society.

Financial Market

A club for students who are passionate about finance and figures! Visits are organized to the Stock Exchange in Casablanca and key industrial zones in major Moroccan cities. Financial experts and analysts are also invited to come and talk at AUI.

Future Entrepreneurs

This club helps students polish their entrepreneurial and leadership skills and prepare them for establishing their own businesses in the future. Visits are organized to small business initiatives and cooperatives as well as multi-national corporations. Company directors are invited to AUI to talk about their experiences and pass on entrepreneurial essentials.

Hand in Hand

its goal is outreach in the Ifrane region, in particular to promote the importance of literacy and health. Activities range from tutoring classes in local schools and youth centers, improving access to books and reading through the AUI Mobile Library, assisting as translators and facilitators on dental campaigns and checkups, coordinating a clothes and shoes bank and delivering to communities in need. The annual Fun Run, organized by AUI students, is a key fundraiser attracting national media attention –money raised in previous years has gone to equipping local schools with heating, electricity and transport.

Interfaith Alliance

It fosters understanding, respect, and appreciation for different beliefs and faiths practiced by members of AUI community, in particular, but not limited to, the three monotheistic Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Also it promotes shared values and educate about different beliefs and faiths through dialogue and discussion, activities, conferences, outings and other events.

Islamic Art & culture

A celebration of architecture, poetry, music, art, hospitality and solidarity within the Islamic world. On campus events and visits to museums and heritage sites as well as environmental campaigns in the Ifrane region – “clean earth, clean mind”.

Japanese Circle

This club tries to focus on the Japanese culture by fostering Japanese language. Its main activities are Japanese day

Korea Discovery

The club is meant to familiarize AUI students with the Korean culture, allow them to learn the Korean language, create helpful cultural exchange, involve Korean exchange students into the student activities and have fun by the means of different creative activities.

Live Strong

The purpose of the Live Strong club is to be a gateway for students who would like to embrace a healthy life style, or make healthier choices in their lives on and off the AUI campus.


An active calendar of guest speakers put on throughout the year to talk about the latest issues in the vast field of marketing from the British Council’s approach to social entrepreneurship in Morocco to tips and advice from Google’s Casablanca office.


They promote cultural diversity on campus through organizing activities like special days, debates, conferences and music nights…

Model United Nations

The club focal point is enhancing the students’ ability to understand the UN functioning of international diplomacy and that is through simulations.

Moroccan politics (Replacing Res Publica)

It deals with political affairs, but has no political affiliation. It is a platform for debate and reflection that aims at offering a stimulating environment for students to engage in productive debates


Photo shooting, F-Stops, ISOs, shutter speeds – a range of workshops and excursions to learn and practice techniques for all photography fans.

Public Speaking & Debating Society (PSDS)

The club helps the student to gain confidence and improve their speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. They used also to participate in national competitions on public speaking.

Rhythm Unity

This club contains the most professional musician at AUI. Their band participates and animates different clubs events and makes people enjoy various music styles.


The Rotaract mission is to foster leadership and responsible citizenship, encourage high ethical standards in business, and promote international understanding and peace. At AUI we conduct health awareness days, blood drives, circumcision days, and other social events. This year AUI Rotaract won “Best Action for Public Interest” during the Rotaract MENA District Conference in Tunisia, March 2011.


The main objective of its members is to benefit some regional associations and cooperatives from their business knowledge acquired at AUI.


This club tries to foster the Spanish culture by organizing Spanish classes and different events like flamenco music night, trips to Spain and other.

Student Publications

Al Hayat Al Jamiia, Avant Garde, and AUI Bridge are the three AUI student publications offered in Arabic, French and English. Each paper is individual from each other and written and edited by students. On campus issues and activities, sports news at home and abroad, travel and arts reviews and special features at the national and international level are covered.

Voices United Choir

The University choir carries multicultural voices on journeys through global music genres: gospel, classical, modern, and oriental. There are opportunities to perform semi-annually in AUI’s Talent Show and participate in national and international music events. So far this has included Le Festival International de Musique Universitaire in Marrakech, Les Choralies in Vaison-la-Romaine and the International Water Symposium in Cannes.