Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Where can I Work?

Where can I work?

Here’s who our students have worked with so far:

  • premature babies and intensive care,
  • public school children,
  • street children,
  • orphans,
  • children with cancer,
  • physically and mentally disabled children and adults,
  • single mothers and abused women,
  • the homeless,
  • the elderly,
  • migrants,
  • people with HIV and AIDS,
  • people with diabetes,
  • people with cardiovascular diseases,
  • the illiterate
  • under achieving communities
  • rural communities


Which field will I work in? Its up to you! 

Here are the areas our students have got involved in so far:

  • school learning support,
  • leadership and soft skills training,
  • sport, the arts and youth development,
  • adult and continuing education,
  • public health awareness and social services,
  • disaster relief,
  • human rights advocacy,
  • conservation and environmental education,
  • small business development and micro finance.



Attend CIP 1001 and 1002 first as they’re pre-requisites to starting your fieldwork.

Right, time for the fun part!

You can join one of our own student solidarity organisations (Hand in Hand and Rotaract Club) Please click here for the CIP - AUI Clubs Agreement.