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You will find here a selection of stories, photographs, videos, news articles, captions, fieldwork reports and more by or about Al Akhawayn students involved in community development either as a result of fulfilling their 60-hour fieldwork placement for our core curriculum Community Involvement Program or simply as active citizens within civil society. 

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Experience Sharing Roundtables

Our opening question in the post fieldwork experience sharing roundtables is generally,

“How would you represent yourself, the role that you played or the experience you encountered out in the field through a visual image or symbol?”

Below are a few students’ reactions to this question. We give them two minutes to do the drawing.

Two Worlds:

This student described her experience as though coming from two different worlds, where we think of ourselves in a separate sphere from “them”, when in fact there is more common ground that you think.

Listening ear:

Give people your time and your attention and you’ll give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Walking stick:

This student performed her community involvement placement at a home for the elderly and embodied herself as a walking stick.

Local and Global:

The local can unite for a brighter global future


We can be one of the steps on the ladder or a hand helping them up but once they get to the top they don’t need us to slide down.

Make a change:

Who needs to change? By getting involved in the community and encouraging others to discover their strengths, allows you to discover your own too. It’s inspiring.

Water and growth:

We can give children the nourishment to grow.

Be the light:

In a situation where all they can see is darkness, give them ideas and support, give them some light.

World in hands:

It can feel like a huge pressure to take the world’s problems into your hands; it comes with joy and sadness on both sides.