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The CIP is a free core curriculum component for all AUI undergraduate students and has three non-credited courses: CIP 1001 Human Development in Morocco, CIP 1002 The Role of Civil Society in Human Development, and CIP 2000 Community Involvement Fieldwork.

Our History                                                                                                                 

Formally known as the Community Service Program, the CIP began in the fall semester of 2005 in the same year that HM King Mohamed VI launched his own drive to fight poverty and empower communities through the creation of this National Initiative for Human Development (INDH).

From 2005 up until the present day, Al Akhawayn students have collectively spent over 65,000 fieldwork hours dedicated towards community action under the umbrella of our Community Involvement Program. With only 30 campus – community partnerships established during 2005 – 2007, students can now have access to a database of over 330 sites for where to do their fieldwork including internationally based partners in Africa, Europe, China and North America.

Our Vision

To create a country of leaders who are change-makers, who realize their own potential and how to build capacity for the people with the people, and who can instill in each and every citizen a desire to make their lives and communities the best they can be.

Our Mission

To promote humble, socially aware and engaged citizens via seminars that lay down the facts, guest speakers that bring experience and expertise in civil society, and individual development fieldwork that sparks first hand understanding, reflection and inspiration.  


Our Core Values






Why Community Involvement?

We recently changed our program’s name from Community Service to Community Involvement because we believe it promotes greater participation, and less of the “us” and “them”. When you get involved in a project that a community itself has identified as a need, you can realize how your skills, resources and time can be useful to that community. And when you’re useful you become an active member within the team, a piece of the puzzle, a branch on the tree, a step on the ladder. You are a part, not the whole, and that’s ok.

Community Involvement is a two way learning process where prejudices can be broken down, leadership harnessed, teamwork fostered and positive results achieved. It is an opportunity for self-discovery as well as to better understand those around you.


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