Center for Learning Excellence

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring is offered in the Center for Learning Excellence by request through the Kudos. Students can request Private Tutoring to clarify course concepts, discuss book chapters, or prepare for quizzes and exams. The Private Tutoring is free of charge. The students are encouraged to make use of that service to try to improve their grades and get a better grasp on the course material.

It is very important that students come prepared to the Private Tutoring sessions. They should have read the chapters and underlined the concepts, examples, or exercises that they did not understand. These Private Tutoring sessions are not meant to solve class assignments, homework, or projects. 

Group Tutoring sessions consist of practice and problem solving with the assistance of a tutor. Group Tutoring sessions can be organized by the professor of a specific class in order to further support his or her students. Students need to take advantage of the Group Tutoring by asking questions and going to the board to solve problems (learning by doing). Practice exercises will be suggested by the faculty teaching the course. Students may suggest an exercise they would like to work on, but it has to be approved by the tutor first.

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