Center for Learning Excellence

Private Tutoring

On Demand, Private Tutoring is offered in the Center for Learning Excellence. Students can request Private Tutoring to clarify course concepts, discuss book chapters, or prepare for quizzes and exams. The Private Tutoring is free of charge. The students are encouraged to make use of that service to try to improve their grades and get a better grasp on the course material.

For introductory courses, Private Tutoring is offered to complement Study Groups and Group Tutoring, (students who do not show up for Group Study and Group Tutoring sessions are NOT eligible for Private Tutoring). For more advanced courses, Private Tutoring might be the only tutoring service.

It is very important that students come prepared to the Private Tutoring sessions. They should have read the chapters and underlined the concepts, examples, or exercises that they did not understand. These Private Tutoring sessions are not meant to solve class assignments, homework, or projects. 

To subscribe for Private Tutoring, students are invited to contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.