Center for Learning Excellence

Center for Learning Excellence Welcome page

Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Center for Learning Excellence! We supply AUI students with both tutoring and mentoring services in order to ensure an all-around fulfilling learning experience. The CLE adopts a peer-to-peer methodology to transform learning from a vertical process to a horizontal one. This not only makes learning more approachable and less intimidating, but also empowers students to structure their education in the way that works for them. In fact, on top of being equipped with a steady academic foundation, our tutors and mentors are also internationally trained and certified so that they can meet the needs of their peers. While our mentors provide new students with advice and guidance, our tutors assist their fellow students in their learning by helping them find the most suitable comprehension methods. To make sure that these services are at the disposal of every student regardless of their schedule, our online platform allows students to book either tutoring or mentoring sessions at the times that suit them best.

Mission Statement

The Center for Learning Excellence aims to equip AUI students with the necessary skills to reach academic excellence. We achieve this through the provision of carefully designed tutoring and mentoring support services and training programs for both mentors and tutors.

Word from the Founders

            “The CLE helps students transition smoothly from high school to university, and assimilate the tools they will use in their future careers.”

                        -Ahmed Khallaayoun, Associate Professor, FYE Coordinator

            “We believe in the potential of each one of our students, and it is our objective to make them aware of it.”

                        -Mhammed Chraibi, Assistant Professor, CLE Coordinator


Letter from the Coordinators

Dear AUI Community,

The Center for Learning Excellence is a place that guarantees students the right environment to develop their knowledge and benefit from the peer-to-peer learning. Through its internationally trained mentors and tutors, the CLE is a strong support system in Al Akhawayn community. The mentoring services allow for a better integration of newcomers to the American System in a comfortable atmosphere. The certified mentors guide the incoming members of our community as they explore the different learning system in our university. The tutors, on the other hand, provide the necessary support to students of various courses to achieve the desired level of understanding. Through its services, the CLE ensures students have all that they need to be academically successful. The Center for Learning Excellence strives to positively impact the community and help its students become better learners now so they can become better leaders in the future.

-CLE Coordinators