Center for Awareness, Responsiveness, and Empowerment (CARE) 

CARE Mission Statement

CARE is a unit that aims to enhance AUI community sensitization and awareness about issues related to equity, inclusivity, and respect. This includes but is not limited to working on issues of gender-based violence, and sexual harassment, as well as racism, interfaith tolerance, and other major themes which may relate to injustices borne of prejudices and stereotypes as well as their impact on students’ wellbeing and academic performance.

CARE may work independently or in partnership with any unit or branch of the University to:

  • Develop and host (and co-host with other units/branches) a program of activities (events, workshops, seminars, roundtable talks, conferences, panels, etc.) as part of its mission to work towards preventing sexual harassment and gender-based violence across all AUI constituencies.
  • Provide forms of outreach to allow students, staff, and faculty to create and nurture a safe campus for all.
  • Support the activities and mandate of the Community Care and Safety Office (CCSO)* and collaborate with the Community Care Officers (CCOs), to help inform AUI constituencies of the Policies and Procedures on the Prevention and Management of Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. Learn more about the CCSO here.
  • Support students, staff, and Faculty in obtaining support in the area of health care, and mental health
  • Seek external funding for relevant projects/initiatives.
  • Punctually report to the President on outputs and outcomes of CARE activities, including planning, programming, and results.

CARE is composed of volunteers from student, staff, and faculty constituencies.