Co-curricular Activities

Intended Learning Outcomes for Co-curricular Activities

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) strives to offer its students enrichment activities and programs to complement the classroom learning. These co-curricular activities are an integral part of their whole educational experience. Through a variety of programs and services, AUI endeavors to enhance campus life and provide opportunities for students to develop mentally, physically and socially. By the time they graduate, students will    

1.       Accountability, responsibility, belonging

1.1  Demonstrate a sense of integrity and self-worth;

1.2  Be responsible and accountable for actions taken;

1.3  Have developed a spirit of volunteerism;

1.4  Demonstrate loyalty to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

2.      Diversity and global citizenship

2.1  Be sensitive toward and appreciative of diverse opinions;

2.2  Exhibit civility and maintain neutrality when confronted with controversial issues;

2.3  Embrace co-existence with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds;

2.4  Be well-informed global citizens while maintaining pride in their national and cultural identity.

3.      Leadership

3.1  Demonstrate effective communication skills;

3.2  Demonstrate negotiation and problem solving skills;  

3.3  Exhibit teamwork spirit;

3.4  Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking abilities;

3.5  Have set career goals and taken advantage of internships and alumni networking relations;

 4.      Independence and flexibility

4.1  Take care of themselves physically, mentally, and socially;

4.2  Demonstrate resilience and flexibility when facing challenges;

4.3  Be independent and aware of themselves.