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Beyond the classroom walls

Here at AUI, there is more to education than just sitting in classrooms. As John Dewey  (1859-1952), the father of the progressive education movement argued, “education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself.”  The Division of Student Affairs at AUI recognizes that it is in a unique position to make a significant contribution to the overall development of students. It strives to help students develop emotionally, physically, socially, and even spiritually by providing a variety of services and programs. It supports all AUI students with various extracurricular learning opportunities as well as recreational and cultural activities. Campus life at AUI offers intramural and intercollegiate sports and fitness programs to keep you in top shape physically and mentally. The Student Health Center will help you strengthen and maintain your health and well-being and if you are experiencing personal or academic problems, Counseling Services is ready to help you overcome your difficulties. Our spiritual leaders serve our community by leading regular religious services and interfaith discussions to promote tolerance and diversity. Housing Services staff work hard to promote community living, mutual respect, and civility through the Resident Assistants Program and many other activities. We also endeavor to instill a sense of civic responsibility in our students through our community service program component where students must perform 60 hours of service with an NGO or charitable association of their choice before graduation. In addition, students can join one of three main AUI social organizations and/or the Azrou Center to help provide badly needed help to the local Ifrane and surrounding communities. There are about 10 sports clubs and over 40 student organizations, three student publications and one media outlet. Study-abroad opportunities are available with 400 institutions in 50 countries and include United States institutions of higher education as well as European and Asian universities. If you are ready to expand your experience and enhance your skills and CV, internships are great ways to learn firsthand what challenges professionals in your field face and how your experience and skills might best fit in. Last but not least, through the Leadership Development Institute, we offer high-achieving, highly motivated students the opportunity to sharpen their skills and earn a co-curricular certificate.

All of us at the Division of Student Affairs believe that campus experience is about discovering who you are and who you want to be. We are committed to providing our students every opportunity to make the most of their stay at AUI. We welcome all students, parents, and guests of the University and are delighted to seeing you on campus.