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Tuition & Fees

A Tuition and Fees: (Subject to change without notice)

All tuition and fees are due and payable before the beginning of each term

The following fees are applicable to the fall and spring semesters as well as the summer sessions for the academic years 2019-2021. They are subject to change each academic year at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

1. Tuition

Semester tuition is calculated on the basis of total credits taken, except for students enrolled in the Language Center, they are charged a flat amount.


(as of Fall 2020)            

Moroccan students

2205  MAD per credit

International students3

3360 MAD per credit

Internship for Moroccan students5

1400 MAD per credit

Internship for International students5

1995 MAD per credit


Graduate Tuition2


Moroccan students

2780 MAD per credit

International students3

4200 MAD per credit

Internship for Moroccan students5

1995 MAD per credit

Internship for International students5

2800 MAD per credit


Language Center Tuition

 (Flat fee per semester)

Visiting students4

50400 MAD per semester

Moroccan students

33075 MAD per semester

NOTE 1: Undergraduate students allowed to register for graduate courses to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements are charged undergraduate tuition. Undergraduate students wishing to register for extra graduate courses are charged graduate tuition for each graduate course.

NOTE 2: Graduate students enrolled in Foundation Courses are charged graduate tuition for these courses.

NOTE 3: International applicants qualify for Moroccan tuition if 1) one parent is Moroccan, or 2) both parents are non-Moroccan but have lived in Morocco and paid income tax (IGR) here for more than five years.

NOTE 4: Except for Language Center tuition and testing charges, visiting students pay the same fees as AUI students.

NOTE 5: Students doing an internship as the last degree requirement and who will graduate immediately following the internship should register and pay the common fees. Students doing an internship who will not graduate immediately following the internship should not register or pay common fees. Instead, the internship will be charged and registered for the subsequent semester (fall).

Combined Programs Tuition (BA/MA)
Students enrolled in combined programs pay undergraduate tuition for undergraduate courses and graduate tuition for graduate courses.

Summer Session Fees
Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in summer session courses pay tuition according to registered credit hours. Other fees are fifty percent (50%) of the regular charges for a full semester.

Students enrolled in the Language Center during the summer session should pay the equivalent of three credits for each LC course. Students enrolled in FAS courses during the summer pay the equivalent of two credits for each FAS course.

2. Fees

1.Student Identification Cards (Cash Wallet)

Student Identification Cards (ID) are provided to enrolled students by the Business Office following the payment of all tuition. Replacement cards are available from the Business Office for a fee of 100 MAD. Students are responsible for providing their own photographs. In case of loss of the ID card (cash wallet), the student must notify the Business Office immediately in order to block the old card and issue a new one. Students are advised not to bring their cash wallet cards into close contact with a computer, laptop, TV set, printer, heater, or water.

Cash Wallet refers to money applied to a student’s account and available for use on campus only (Restaurant & AUI store). Students make deposits to their cash wallet on an as-needed basis. At the end of the semester, the balance related to the cash wallet is shown in the account of the following semester. The final refund of the balance can only be done at the end of schooling after the graduation ceremony, at the conclusion of the final clearance procedures.

The management of personal money for off-campus needs is the responsibility of the students themselves. The post office on campus offers students the possibility of opening savings accounts that provide them with flexibility in managing their money.

Any additional money can be loaded either through:

2. Registration Fees: 5,100 MAD

 All registered students must pay registration fees regardless of status. Students who defend their theses, capstones, or internships before the end of a semester receive a prorated reimbursement of their registration fees. Registration fees cover such fixed costs as Student Health Services, student activities, athletics, swimming pool access, restaurant access, and IT services.

3. Housing Fees

Room rates for students living in residence halls are given below. The room fees are due each semester. Rates include all utilities. Studios and single rooms are available on a very limited basis under special conditions. Summer session housing fees are half that of a full semester.

Housing Fees

Double occupancy A6/A4                              

 5,100 MAD per semester 

Double occupancy-Standard                           

5,880 MAD per semester

Double occupancy –Large A4                         

 5,500 MAD per semester

Double occupancy-Large A6                            

5,250 MAD per semester

Single occupancy (when available)                

 12,800 MAD per semester

Single occupancy A4 (when available)      

11,600 MAD per semester

Triple occupancy (when available)                   

3,570 MAD per semester

Studio single (when available)                       

19,750 MAD per semester

Studio double (when available)                      

10,500 MAD per semester

Studio triple (when available)                         

 7,560 MAD per semester

DT Studio double                                           

7,000 MAD per semester

DT Studio  single                                         

 14,000 MAD per semester

(Summer session housing fees are half those of a full semester)

4 Other Fees

Estimated books charges(Fall/Spring) 1

3,000 MAD

Estimated books charges(Summer)

1,500 MAD

Print Fee

100 MAD

Graduation (in last semester)

1550 MAD

Preregistration deposit (Fall/Spring)

2000 MAD

Preregistration deposit (Summer)

1000 MAD

Late registration for newly admitted students

1,500 MAD + late fees

Late registration for continuing students

1,500 MAD + late fees

CIP requirement-Late registration

1900 MAD

AUI Deposit for newly admitted students

3,000 MAD

Testing charges for newly admitted students

1,000 MAD


200 MAD

Orientation Fee for newly admitted students “First-Year Experience”

2,500 MAD

Orientation Fee for newly admitted students-GR

160 MAD

Residency Services fee for exchange students

160 MAD

Double Room Deposit fee for exchange students

1000 MAD

Unpaid Payment Penalty (non-received wire)

1000 MAD+ Late fees

Cash wallet for newly admitted students

8,500 MAD

Fee to place test-out result on transcript 

500 MAD

NOTE:  The deposit is deducted from the student’s account in cases when the student pre-registers but does not complete the registration for that semester or session.

Late Fees

Two percent (2%) of the amount due will be added for each week that the required payment is late until the maximum charge is reached. The maximum charge will not exceed 3000 MAD.

NOTE: Additional fees may be charged for some outdoor, physical education activities, required field trips, and special tests. 

5. Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for full-time students. Details concerning the University’s contracted insurance company and the coverage offered are available at the Student Health Center.

Student health insurance premiums amount to 1,320 MAD for a full year’s coverage, beginning in January and ending in December. This amount is payable in three installments and at the beginning of each semester or session:

  • Spring semester; 550.00dh
  • Summer session: 220dh 
  • Fall semester: 550.00dh

The insurance company representatives are available on campus during the registration period.

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