Azrou Center for Community Development

Mission & Objectives

Our Mission:

The duty of  Azrou Center for Community Development (ACCD)  is to contribute to the Improvement of life conditions of Azrou’s population and its suburbs both on the medical and the educational levels.


Our Objectives:                                    

Through its different projects, ACCD is in charge of accomplishing four goals:

To improve maternal and infantile health :

Unfortunately, a certain number of women who belong to this area pass away every year during the pregnancy or in the parturition (delivery). In the same way, a great number of children die in an early age due to easy-to-cure illnesses which can be avoided if the conditions are better.

To reduce the rate of unemployment and promote employability :

Many graduates have great difficulty integrating into the professional world and several of them suffered unemployment.

Contribute to the fight against school drop out :

A program of non-formal education has been launched for children who discontinued school at a young age or have never been enrolled in school because of poor socio-economic conditions of the majority of families in the province Ifrane. The objective of this program is to reintegrate them into the formal education or in vocational training school system.

To improve the scholastic level of the students of “Dar Talib”:

The majority of students living in “Dar Talib” belong to poor families who live in the rural areas. For this reason, they need an important educational support in order to help make them successful in their education.

Literate, train, inform and educate women in the province of Ifrane:

The majority of women are illiterate, ignorant of their legal rights, the rights of men and are financially dependent.

Promote sustainable development :

In order to ensure the financial independence of the target population, the Center ensures the continuity of the training provided by the organization of learning workshops in the professional trades. The aim is to encourage this population to create its own income-generating project and the mentor to institutionalize its work within the framework of the creation of small businesses or cooperatives with the necessary training in the administrative and financial management of these entities and in the and in the marketing of their products.