Azrou Center for Community Development



Youth Employment

This aims to improve the social and intellectual level of beneficiaries divided into categories according to well-targeted activities

Vocational skills training:

  •  Young graduate seeking employment:

CADC plays an important role in the professional integration of young people by providing skills training in different disciplines required by the labor market .

In this sense, the training provided relate to the following sectors:

  • The study: Computer and web development;
  • The study: Commerce;
  • The study: Computer graphics;
  • The study: Audio -visual ;
  • The Pathway : Hairstyling and Aesthetics.

Other training sessions are offered in :

  • Technical job search and personal development;
  • Techniques of expression, communication and entertainment;
  • Building workshops in the field of computer science, commerce, computer graphics and audio visual;
  • Study visits and Career Exploration


Woman's Literacy

ACCD offers them:

  •  Literacy courses in Arabic;
  •  Introductory courses in French;
  • Training sessions on the new family law and human rights;
  • Instructive visits to cooperatives and different legal, economic and social  structures;
  • Exhibitions of handicrafts made by women to help them market their products and generate revenues;
  • Introductory courses in computer skills;
  • Learning professional trades (cutting and sewing, macramé, painting stained glass, knitting, crochet , horizontal weaving...);
  • Awareness sessions related to the environment, health, citizenship and legal field ...;
  • Physical education sessions;
  • Recreational outings and relaxation;
  • Film screenings and educational and informative documentary.


Officials, merchants, craftsmen and other:

Azrou Center also offers services for the benefit of the population of the city of Azrou and the region represented by civil servants, traders, artisans etc. namely: 

  • Training in basic computer tool in collaboration with ST Microelectronics Foundation;
  • Courses support French language and communication skills; 
  • building workshops in various technical disciplines.



  • Orientation of beneficiaries in the creation of their own income-generating projects, 
  • Supervision and monitoring of small cooperatives 
  • Organization of technical training workshops.