Language Center

French Program


General Program Description

The second most important language taught in the Language Center is French.  Courses in French are offered at different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced.  These courses can either be taken to satisfy specific degree requirements or as electives.  Two different types of French programs are available: French as a Foreign Language, mostly for international students, and French as a Second Language, mostly for Moroccan students. 

Entry Requirements

Newly admitted students are required to take a placement test in French.  The result of this international official test (Test d’Evaluation de Français) determines how many course in French a student needs to take and at what level.  Students may not take French in their first semester of study at Al Akhawayn. 

Exit Requirements

The exit requirements are similar to those for the English program.  In general, the student must fulfill all the requirements of the class, including but not limited to in-class work, tests, presentations, etc. 


The instructor will assign a grade for the class based on a student’s attendance, participation, test results, and homework.  The final grade is a letter grade that conforms to the university’s policies. 

Course Descriptions

French as a Foreign Language

FRE 1301 Beginning French I
FRE 1302 Beginning French II
FRE 2301 Intermediate French

French as a Second Language

FRN 1305 Consolidating French
FRN 1308 French for Academic Purposes I
FRN 2310 French for Academic Purposes II
FRN 3310 Advanced French Writing and Speaking Skills
FRN 4320 French for the Professions