Language Center

Evaluation Policy


The English Program evaluates students in the following ways

Classwork Grade

This grade is based on a broad combination of the student’s performance on homework, quizzes, lab assignments, in-class work, presentations, and other assignments. Students will receive classwork grades at the middle and end of the course.

Midterm Exam

Students will take a midterm test for every Language Center course they are enrolled in. All midterm tests take place during the seventh or eighth week of the semester. These tests will be administered on consecutive days in the evening.

Final Exam

A final examination of the same format as the midterms is administered at the end of the semester. Students take a final examination for every Language Center course they are enrolled in.

Teacher’s Evaluation

A teacher’s evaluation grade comprising five percent of the total grade shall also be allocated. This grade should be based on attendance and participation in class. Participation refers to demonstrated oral proficiency and contributions made in class.

Attendance Policy

Attendance comprises five percent of the total class grade.  Students are allowed two “free” absences without a grade penalty.  For each absence starting at the third, the student’s attendance grade will be reduced by one point.  At the eighth absence, the student will receive a WF for the course. 

Final Course Grade

The grading system at the Language Center uses a letter system with associated percentage values. Students will receive one final letter grade together with a percentage value in each course taken. It should be noted, however, that no grade point averages are awarded for these courses. Therefore, they do not count toward the overall credit hours earned.  However, a virtual grade point average is calculated based on these grades, which is often used in cases of academic probation or exceptional merit. 

The minimum passing grade is a C (70 percent) for undergraduates and a B (80 percent) for graduates.
Grades are assigned according to the following letter system:

A: 90% – 100% (Excellent)
B: 80% – 89% (Good)
C: 70% – 79% (Satisfactory)
F: Below 70% (Fail)
WF: (Withdrawal)