Language Center

Evaluation Policy


The English Program evaluates students in the following ways:

Classwork Grade

This grade is based on a broad combination of the student’s performance on homework, quizzes, lab assignments, in-class work, presentations, and other assignments. Students will receive classwork grades at the middle and end of the course.

Midterm Exam

Students will take a midterm test for every Language Center course they are enrolled in. All midterm tests take place during the seventh or eighth week of the semester.

Final Exam

A final examination of the same format as the midterms is administered at the end of the semester. Students take a final examination for every Language Center course they are enrolled in.

Final Course Grade

The grading system at the LC uses a letter system with associated percentage values. You will receive one final letter grade together with a percentage value in each course taken. It should be noted, however, that no grade point averages are awarded for these courses. In some cases, though, a virtual GPA is computed for evaluation purposes (See section f.). Therefore, they do not count toward the overall credit hours earned.


The minimal passing grade is C (i.e.70%) for undergraduates and B (i.e 80%) for graduates.


Grades are assigned according to the following letter system.

          PA:   90% - 100%



          PB:    80% - 89%



          PC:   70% - 79%



          FD:   60% - 69%

         FF:     50% - 59%



          WF:          –