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Language Center

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Language Center of Al Akhawayn University.  Al Akhawayn University places a great deal of importance on languages by requiring competence in English, French, and Arabic (taught in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences) for graduation.  The Intensive English Program of this academic center is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation ( and plays a key role in the preparation of Al Akhawayn students for their academic and professional lives.  The Language Center currently offers courses in English, French, Spanish, and Tamazight (Berber), and responds to student, faculty, and other requests for the instruction of other languages.  

The mission of the Language Center is:

1. To equip eligible students with the language skills necessary for success in their academic studies, as well as in a global multicultural society. 
2. To provide tailor-made language training programs to other clients.

With the fostering of student learning as its primary focus, the LC provides a wide range of courses designed to develop four main language skills while integrating grammar and vocabulary in learner-centered classes.

Experienced and culturally diverse faculty, the latest technology, and comprehensive materials contribute to an effective teaching and learning environment where students acquire not only the mechanics of the language but also the discourses and contexts in which it is used.

The English program is the Language Center’s largest program and plays a key role in preparing Al Akhawayn University students for their academic work in the English language.  In addition, French courses are required of most Al Akhawayn students to graduate.  Spanish, Tamazight (Berber), and other languages are currently offered as electives to Al Akhawayn students. 

In summation, the Language Center exists to prepare students linguistically, culturally, and academically for success at Al Akhawayn and beyond.

Message from the Director 
Dear Student,

The Language Center is one of Al Akhawayn University’s most well-respected units.  The Language Center was the first department at the university to receive CEA accreditation due to the quality of its offerings and management.  However, this accreditation is simply an external acknowledgement of the high-caliber faculty, staff, and resources that we offer you as students.  Thus, it is my pleasure to have you here as our students, and I hope that your journey in the Language Center and beyond will be positive.

With that in mind, I would like to stress several key points that have come to me during my experience at Al Akhawayn University.  While these observations speak most directly to those entering our English program, they are useful for all students. 

* Your consistent effort is the key to your growth.  It is not possible to become proficient in a language overnight or by simply studying in a textbook at home.  Language improvement requires constant, daily practice and improvement.  You will make mistakes, but in the Language Center you have the opportunity to make those mistakes and improve yourself week after week.  Please embrace this reality and take your classes seriously from the first day.  
* Honesty is the best policy.  Here at Al Akhawayn University, we want all students to learn how to think and work for themselves.  Thus, cheating on quizzes or exams or plagiarizing is taken very seriously.  Unfortunately, a number of students each semester fail simply because they take the work of others and present it as their own.  Your Language Center teachers are only interested in your work, so please take this time to develop your own thoughts.  There is no reason to cheat in the Language Center.  
* Stay connected to your classes and ask questions.  All Language Center teachers, from the first day of classes, will be communicating with you in a variety of ways in and out of class.  It is your responsibility to understand what is happening in your classes.  If you do not understand, ask questions either in class or during your teachers’ office hours. 

Finally, I reiterate my welcome to you and encourage you to make the most of your time in the Language Center and at Al Akhawayn University in general.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Language Center Director