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Welcome to the Language Center of Al Akhawayn University. Al Akhawayn University places a great deal of importance on languages by requiring competence in English, French, and Arabic (taught in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences) for graduation. The Intensive English Program of this academic center is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation ( and plays a key role in the preparation of Al Akhawayn students for their academic and professional lives. The Language Center currently offers courses in English, French, Spanish, and Tamazight (Berber), and responds to student, faculty, and other requests for the instruction of other languages.

With the fostering of student learning as its primary focus, the LC provides a wide range of courses designed to develop four main language skills while integrating grammar and vocabulary in learner-centered classes.

Experienced and culturally diverse faculty, the latest technology, and comprehensive materials contribute to an effective teaching and learning environment where students acquire not only the mechanics of the language but also the discourses and contexts in which it is used.

The English program is the Language Center’s largest program and plays a key role in preparing Al Akhawayn University students for their academic work in the English language. In addition, French courses are required of most Al Akhawayn students to graduate. Spanish, Tamazight (Berber), and other languages are currently offered as electives to Al Akhawayn students.
In summation, the Language Center exists to prepare students linguistically, culturally, and academically for success at Al Akhawayn and beyond.

Language Center Director