Intramural Program

Intramural competitions:

Al Akhawayn University Intramural Sports Program

Intramural Sports are primarily organized to provide AUI students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to spend leisure time participating in organized sports and having fun. The program now offers a variety of different activities designed to help meet everyone’s needs. This allows students, faculty and staff to meet outside their academic and professional roles. Participation in intramural competitions fosters participants’ competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and friendship. Thus, we encourage you to get involved whether you are a student, staff or faculty member.

We encourage your suggestions and invite everyone to stop by the sport complex or call 2015 or 2022 for any further inquiries. We look forward for your active participation in intramural competitions.

Responsibilities & Duties of Team Captains

The success of the Intramural Sports program depends largely on the leadership qualities and interests of team captains. Each team must have a captain for the coordination between players and the Intramural Sports program. Team captain duties include:


1. Attend the captains’ meeting prior to start of competitions as well as weekly planning meetings. For individual sports, participants must attend the meeting on personal basis. Attendance at the mandatory captains’ meeting is required. Rules and schedules will be covered at this meeting. Team captains not present in the weekly meeting must not complain about the schedule inconvenience.

2. Submit the team rooster before the deadline.

3. Notify team members of the date and time of all scheduled games.

4. It is the captain’s responsibility to have his/her team ready to play as scheduled.

5. Team captains must fill in the game score sheet and present team members IDs prior to the start of games.

6. Be familiar with all rules and ensure that his/her team members are aware of those rules.

7. Make every effort to see that those representing his/her team play according to the rules of the game and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

8. Notify Intramural Sports whenever his/her team must default a contest. Receive all information from Intramural Sports concerning changes in rules, tournament structure, etc., ineligible players.

9. Inform the Intramural Sports Office immediately of any change of address, telephone number, or change in team captains.  The captain is the only individual allowed to approach an official during any contest regarding questions, rule clarifications, protests, etc.

10. Maintain control over his/her team members during, and after competition. Team sportsmanship will be in effect. Poor sportsmanship will result in elimination from the tournament or, in the case of grave cases, may result in disciplinary measures.

11. The captain is the only individual allowed to approach an official during any contest regarding questions, rule clarifications, protests...


Regulations, Eligibility Exceptions & Restrictions

People who do not belong to AUI community are   not eligible to participate in Intramural sports activities.

Penalties for Eligibilty Infraction

Any team including a player not existing in the roster will be disqualified from the tournament.

The rooster is final after the start of competition. Teams are not allowed to add new players. New players may be added only if one of its members is badly injured provided that they did not play with another team.

Team must respect the timing of their games. A team that comes 15 minutes late will result in a loss.

A team that forfeits one game will be disqualified from the tournament.

Any team playing an ineligible player (not registered on the roster) will result in an automatic loss.

Medical Information

Participation in intramurals is on a voluntary basis. All intramurals play at their own risk. The University is not responsible is for injuries or any special health problems or physical ailments which could be aggravated by participation.

Injuries and Liabilities

All injuries should be reported to the sport complex office. An accident report form will be filled out. The injured athlete will be assisted. The university health center is available to assist in providing primary medical care.

Sports Rules

General rules and regulations for each sport will be made available to all participants before competition begins. In addition to the general rules, there are certain specific regulations which will take precedence. These rules are issued to all teams or individual participants prior to competition.

If you desire to compete, but are not able to organize a team, inquire at the sports complex and we will assist you in finding a team to join.

Participation Conduct

The purpose of intramural sports is to provide participants with exercise, recreation, and fun in a relaxed, yet structured environment. Each participant is encouraged to play to the best of their ability to achieve success; however, a win at all cost attitude is strongly discouraged. The emphasis in intramural sports should be in the playing of the game and not solely measured by the outcome. An individual or team must be able to accept defeat wholesomely without blaming others. The conduct of the players before and after the game is as important as the conduct during the game. Unsportsmanlike behavior is seen as any of the following:

1. Loud verbal assaults.

2. Threats and attempts to intimidate.

3. Throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner.

4. Aggressive approaches to another individual.

5. Physical striking of another individual.

6. Audible obscenity.

7. Disrespect toward intramural officials.

8. Shoving or striking.

9. Attempt to strike.

Involvement in a fight ‘’ he hits me first “or “I was defending myself “are not acceptable excuses for fighting.

Destruction: any person/ a team that willfully cause destruction of or damage to equipments shall assume responsibility for the damage and will be assessed to full cost.


Individuals who engage in any of the above behaviors will be subject to immediate ejection from intramural competition. In case of aggravated behavior and violation of the code of conduct will be treated by AUI Disciplinary committee.

Disciplinary Reporting Process

Officials and supervisors are empowered to eject a player or suspend a contest whenever deemed necessary.

Individuals or teams displaying undesirable behavior are to be reported by the officials to the Associate Director of athletics

The official will circle the name of the player on the scores sheet and indicate on the score sheet the reason for the disciplinary action.

The referee will submit a written report to the Associate Director of Athletics. An incident report will be completed for all cases involving ejection from a game.

The disciplinary committee will assess the disciplinary action deemed appropriate.

Sports Scoring System

The team accumulating the greatest number of points throughout the tournament will be the champion

A win is three points, a draw one point a loss zero point.

Team forfeiting one game will be suspended from the tournament

A team forfeiting the last game will lose all the point won during the tournament and will not be allowed to take part in the next SEASON TOURNAMENT.

Game Protest

Protest will not be received or considered if they are based on a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of an official or a referee. Only protest on player eligibility can be received. An intramural sport protest form must be completed by the team captain at the conclusion of the contest.


An official is unique in that he/she receives little praise; a great deal of criticism; and no compensation for such an integral role in intramural sports program. The individual participants, teams and the competing teams must assume the responsibility in helping to make the officiating program at Al Akhawayn University one of quality. Referees are assigned from the team participating in the tournament. If a team fails to assign a referee for their assigned games, it will result in the loss of one point.