Mission Statement

The mission of the Athletic Department is to provide a program that is educationally safe, sound and productive. 


Athletics Office Philosophy

The athletic program is an integral part of the overall educational process at AUI. Through sports, students learn the value of hard work, discipline, team building and sportsmanship. At AUI, we aim to provide every student athlete an environment in which students achieve not only athletic success but lay the foundation for success in life as well.

The Athletic Department hires highly qualified coaches, charging them with the unique opportunity to teach positive lifetime skills and values to all their athletes. In order to ensure that athletes are prepared for the commitment and personal sacrifice needed to be successful in athletics, coaches must help them develop and understand the roles that passion, dedication, and self-discipline play in reaching individual and team goals.

While striving for victory is the nature of athletic competition, it is only one criterion when determining a season’s success. Guiding a team to reach its maximum potential and an athlete to reach his/her maximum potential are the ultimate goals. Along with this comes emphasis on good sportsmanship, which includes being modest in victory and accepting in defeat.


Word of the Director

“AUI is proud of its athletic traditions. We expect our student-athletes to represent AUI in a way that will make us all proud of them during competition and in the community at large. We are truly excited about our department and the direction we are heading as our goal is to offer a rich athletic program to our students, as well as a rich recreational program for the community.

Our department will continue to strive for excellence and represent AUI you in a positive fashion. Our student-athletes, coaches and administrative staff are dedicated to excellence on and off the fields of competition. This Athletic Department will continue to serve as a positive focal point for the greater university, community, alumni and fans.

I hope you enjoy the new AUI athletic department web page. It is filled with useful information for you, our most loyal and dedicated supporters. Thank you again for your support!"