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At Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane, our preschool is designed around the idea that children learn through play and active, hands-on activity. The preschool teachers use their knowledge to create experiences that are standards-based and child-focused while meeting the unique educational needs of each individual child. In order for all children to learn, we provide a positive nurturing environment that promotes learning.

Our standards are based on a continuum where each program is working to provide knowledge and skills in a high-quality, early-learning setting to promote school readiness and school success. The eight domains of the standards are:

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Arts

Each of the class programs in our preschool – 2-year old, 3-year old and pre-Kindergarten 4-year old – is dedicated to promoting the success of each child with a belief that an essential building block for future achievement and academic success is school readiness. We provide experiences to ensure the health and physical well-being of each child, as well as the development of cognitive, communicative, and social-emotional skills that are necessary for school success. 

Primary School (Grades K-6):

The Primary School follows the U.S. Common Core Standards for English and Math, and the AERO Standards for Science. These standards have been designed to prepare students for high school and further education. When implementing these standards, our experienced teachers incorporate as many hands-on, inquiry-based, and collaborative lessons as possible. Each of the Primary School classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard to facilitate the use of technology as an engaging learning tool. From kindergarten through to grade 5, English, Math, and Science are taught by the classroom teacher. Primary School students also have French and Arabic lessons each day, as we realize the importance of developing multilingual skills as early as possible. Regular field trips are organized to broaden our students’ horizons to the world around them.

Our small class sizes at Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane allow teachers and students to work closely together to enhance each child’s learning opportunities. These small classes also mean that teachers can carefully monitor each child’s social and emotional well-being, as well as the educational aspects.

In addition, we have Art, Music, Information Technology, and Sport classes throughout the year to provide students with a well-rounded and balanced school life. There is also a diverse after school program for students to enjoy and expand their education, including different sports trainings during the year. Our successful sports teams include volleyball, badminton, soccer, and swimming.

The Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane is committed to developing the whole child: academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

High School Curriculum

The HS academic program guide can be found here

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