Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane


“Welcome Message from the Director”

Dear ASI families, students, prospective families and students, and all stakeholders,

Welcome to our school and fly high eagles!  I have the esteemed privilege of leading the school to meet our mission; to prepare and graduate students who are equipped with critical thinking skills, holistic knowledge, and socio-emotional skills necessary to thrive in multicultural environments and access the best universities and post-secondary study in Morocco and the world. 

So now the question is “What is our school doing to meet its mission of preparing critical and flexible thinkers so our students are equipped for the uncertainties and challenges of tomorrow?  My answer to this question is that ASI is professionalizing the craft of teaching by building an ethic of excellence by creating sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose for our teachers so that they are experts of academic and social-emotional pedagogies in the classroom.  Please take time to visit the teaching and learning page on this website to get a sense of our important work.

Traditionally, teacher training and development sees a school’s administration plan seminars, trainings, and decide what is best for teachers. This is a one glove fits all approach.  This traditional professional development approach model goes against all known principles of teaching and learning as it ignores the needs of the individual.  As Director of ASI, I wanted to shift this paradigm and personalize teacher development to create opportunities for our highly educated team of teachers to become excellent at what they do- teach to impact student learning. My vision for our teachers is that they are no different that medical doctors, lawyers, or engineers, who are all equipped with a set of highly technical skills.  We know our teachers have deep content knowledge, but to become a professionalized teacher, our teachers need the skills to meet the needs and assess each and every student.  We will continue to work towards this goal by collegially and collaboratively identifying the pedagogical tools to differentiate teaching to meet the unique needs of each student.   

The Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane is taking a great leaps and bounds forward.  We have just learned that the school has been given eligibility to begin the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Accreditation process.  ASI will not be complacent and learn from the best international practices of K-12 education and use a set of established standards to quality control and assure that our school embodies excellence in all we do.  Our vision is that when private schools, especially American curriculum private schools, are being discussed in circles in and around Morocco that people will mention our school as one of the best. 

We welcome you to our school and you are welcome to visit us to learn more and catch the excitement!

Yours in the Mission,

Joseph M. Kotarski